Recover Forgotten WiFi Network Key

Many People having poor remembrance usually forget there WiFi Password as we have password for many things. Due to increase in use of passwords there is lot of chances that we will forget our passwords. If we forget password it becomes burden to recover password for us. We start to search for some software which can help you on this. So a simple trick for those who have forgotten WiFi password and the network saved on their device.

It's a simple process to recover the forgotten password of WiFi by viewing your wireless network properties. If you have not connected your forgotten network before and it's not saved in your PC, you will need to reset your router and configure everything again from the beginning.
Follow the steps below to recover your forgotten WiFi password
  • Click on start
  • Go to  control Panel
  • Open " View network status and tasks " under Network ans Internet
  • Click on " Manage Wireless networks "
  • Then you will see list of wireless (WiFi) networks to which you are connected and was connected.
  • Select the network to which you are currently connected and go to properties.
  • Select Security tab and then you will see the security of your wireless or WiFi network
  • Check the "Show Characters " box and you will see your password.
If your network is not saved you will need to reset your router and setup it again.

Updated: 06 December 2016

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