by Tufail Ahamad Khan

Recover Permanently Deleted Files Easily

Deleting files sometime can be blunder mistake for us. By mistake we may delete some useful files permanently and later we realize that it is useful for us and we want to recover it so here I have solution to recover these files easily without much struggle.

You can recover any permanently deleted file form your hard drive or USB drive easily using a software “Kissass Undelete”. To recover the files you must be sure that the space is not re-occupied by other files. When you realize that you have lost important document you should stop keeping files in that drive an hurry to recover the document.

  • This software is freely available and very small in size.
  • Scanning rate is very fast and results are displayed within seconds.
  • It supports NTFS and FAT file system.
  • Interface is very easy to use.
  • I can recover data from hard disk and SD card or pen drive.
  • Search option is available to search file name you want to recover easily.

  • Download software from link below and save it on your computer.
  • Run as admin if you want recover files from external drive, for your internal hard disk you can simply open it.
  • Select drive on left panel of windows, click on scan
  • After scan is completed result will be shown. Select file you want to recover, you can use search option if you remember the file's name.
  • Click on restore files.
  • Select the location to restore and save file.
Download Kissass Undelete. Hope it’s going to help you.

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Updated: 06 December 2016

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