by Tufail Ahamad Khan

Unlock Huawei HSDPA Modem Online

Hi everyone today I am about to post a trick about unlocking Huawei HSDPA Modem by Online website. As most of the Huawei HSPDA Modem are locked and can be used only with a specific SIM Card. We have to unlock it if we want to use it with other SIM card. Here is a simple way to unlock it. You have to download a simple software and follow instructions to unlock the modem.

Just follow these steps to unlock your Huawei HSDPA Modem
  • First visit website.
  • In the  above link you will see image like below
  • Enter the 15 digit IMEI Code model of your Huawei model and also simply type the security code as shown

Now you will see image like this with. The Code highlighted by blue color box is your unlock code. Now  you can unlock your modem easily using the above code.

It supports most of the Huawei modems like: Huawei K3517, Huawei K3520, Huawei E630+, Huawei E272, Huawei EG162G, Huawei UMG181,  Huawei E303, Huawei E181, Huawei E182, Huawei E166, Huawei E155, Huawei E352, Huawei E5331, Huawei e5573s, Huawei E660A and many more... you can see list of devices supported at the footer of the above website.


Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..