Easily Connect your Facebook Account With MigMe

Migme was previously known as mig33, is chatting application which have chat rooms and we can chat with many strangers around the world and make them friends. Many of us are having trouble while logging in Facebook Chat from Migme since some of mobile devices fail to open browser after existing Migme application. 
We want to connect Facebook with our migme account so that we can chat with our friends who are only on Facebook. You can enable Facebook directly from your browser without logging in migme app. Here I have a trick to help you to connect your Facebook Chat and migme most easily and conveniently. It is applicable for mobile or computer both.

Follow instructions here to connect your migme account with Facebook Chat:
  • First open your browser [Opera mini, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox...]
  • Login to your Facebook account http://m.facebook.com [mobile device] http://facebook.com for computer.
  • Now open http://wap.mig33.com in your browser and login your migme account [in new tab] http://mig.me for computer
  • Again redirect your browser to migme Facebook setup page
  • It will open page saying your "click here to authorize migme to connect with your Facebook profile". Click on click here.
  • On next page you will see a conformation message "you have successfully authorized your migme account (your migme username) with Facebook account (your Facebook name).
  • Now you can chat with your Facebook friends on migme.
That’s all now you can chat with your Facebook buddies by logging in in your mobile device mig33 application and signing in to Facebook IM.

Updated: May 2019.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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