Facebook Introduces Graph Search - Activation and Searching Tips

Friends recently Facebook has introduced Facebook graph Search. It's really good one because it helps you to search for what you are looking for in advanced way and easily. It has got many new features and most easy to us. Everyone will love this new Facebook as it has new search and filter options.
Facebook Graph Search

How to Activate Facebook Graph Search
  • To activate Facebook Graph Search click here
  • Now Click on Try Graph Search and it will be activated to your Facebook account.
Advanced Search Features
Facebook Graph Search
  • Advanced Filter for Finding friends
  • Search Photos Easily and in Advanced Way
  •  Search Restaurants and Places
  • More Features of Facebook Graph Search
Features of Facebook Graph Search
When you will click on search box automatically appear and you can filter the results as you want. You can search in many ways and get your favourite results for pages, groups, places, restaurants which your friends like.

Hints to use Facebook Graph Search

- Photos I like
- Photos My Friends Likes
- Photos [Friend Name] Likes
- Restaurants My friends Visited
- Find Friends

- Friends of My friends
Facebook has introduced friends filter options to find your friends easily as in the picture. You can search friends on basis of gender, relationship, religious views, interests, work and more. It has been very easy to find your friends now.

You can search photos in very fine manner of you and your friends. Facebook will filter your photos as you want.

Hints to search Photos

- Photos I Like
- Photos [Friend Name] Likes
- Photos before 2012
- Photos taken in [Place Name]

Now you can search for restaurants and places that you and your friends like and have visited to using new Facebook Graph Search. You can also know which place is nearby places which you are in.

Hints to search Restaurants

- Restaurants Nearby
- Restaurants My Friends Work At
- Restaurants [Friend Name] Works At
- Restaurants My Friends Like
- Places My Friends Have Been To
- Places My Friends Visited
You can now easily search for pages, groups, music, singers, band and more very easily by using search bar in new Facebook Graph search. It has never been so easy to find your friends and connect with them. You can search for cities and places which your friends has visited and they like. It has made easy for us to know about our friends and connect with them.

More Hints to Search

- Music I Like
- Music My friends Like
- Music My Friends Like
- Groups My Friends belong to
- Groups of [Friend name]
- Groups Joined by Me

Update: Some of search phrases won't work anymore. It has been discontinued.

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