Create New Company In Tally.ERP9 With Video Tutorial

Tally ERP9 is one of the most popular accounting software used by small business firms to industrial purposes. Tally is user friendly and easy to learn and use. Tally is taken as essential qualification for business students. We will be posting tutorials to help visitors, learn Tally ERP9. In this tutorial we will be posting how to create a company in Tally ERP9.

Steps to follow:
  • Open Tally.ERP9.
  • Go to Create Company (C).
  • Fill the details:

Directory: This is the location of your hard disk where company will be created. You can change it if you want to create company other than default location i.e. C:\Tally.ERP9\Data.

Name: Company or Firm Name.

  • Mailing and Contact Details:
Mailing Name: This is name that you want to use to receive letters i.e. location of your firm.
Address: Full address of the company you want to create.
Statutory compliance for: Select your country if it's not listed. select that is applicable.
State: Select your state if it's not listed select not applicable.
PIN Code: Enter pin code of your area.
Telephone No.: Enter official mobile or landline number of company.
Email: Enter email address that party will use to contact you via mail.

  • Company Details:
Currency Symbol: Enter currency symbol of currency used in your country. For Nepal it is NPR. For India it is INR. For Dollar $...
Maintain: Accounts with inventory.
Financial Year from: Enter the date when financial year begins in your country.
Books beginning from: Enter same date as Financial Year from.

  • Security Control:
Disallow opening in Educational Mode: No
Tally Vault Password: Leave empty.
Use Security Control: Yes
Name of Administrator: (Enter a username that you want to access your data)
Password:******** (Enter password you want to use to access data)
Repeat Password: Same as Password.
Warning: Never forget this password, in case you forget this you can’t access your data again.
Use Security Control: This will allow to access Tally.NET features only after entering password.

  • Base Currency information:
Base Currency Symbol: Same as currency symbol.
Formal Name: Full form of currency symbol used in your country.
Number of Decimal Places: 2 (Numbers you want to see after decimal Example: 2.50)
Symbol for Decimal Portion: Paise/Penny (as applicable in your country)
Show Amounts in Millions: Yes/No (as per company’s rule or country)
Put a Space between Amount and Symbol: Yes/No (As you feel easy)
Decimal Places for Printing Amount in Words: Same as Number of Decimal Places

  • Press Enter
  • Accept? Press Enter again or click on Yes.
  • Enter password (If you have set password)
  • Hit Enter.
  • Wait…
That’s all.

YouTube Video:
For more detailed tutorial check out our video on YouTube (English Version):

Hindi Version (हिंदी):

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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