Alter/Edit Company Information In Tally ERP9

Tally is a most popular accounting software used for financial transaction of business and organizations. It’s human to do mistake due to which after creating company in Tally ERP9, sometimes it need to edit some details due to some change in company or if some information has been entered mistakenly. If you are new to Tally, sometime bit becomes to find company's alteration menu in Tally ERP 9. In this tutorial we will be posting about editing the company’s information and update it.

Instruction to alter company in Tally ERP9:
  • Open Tally ERP9. [from desktop or start menu]
  • Go to Select Company and hit enter key.
  • Select your company name from list.
  • Press Alt + F3 or click on Cmp Info on sidebar.
  • Go to alter (A) and press enter.
  • Select company name you want to edit. [You will see name of other company also if you have opened more than one company].
  • You will see the details of company previously entered.
  • Change the information you want to update.
  • Press Ctrl + A or press enter till the end and accept it [after editing].
In this way you can alter the company's details in Tally ERP9. If you want to know about entering information of company you can read Create New Company In Tally.ERP9

That’s all.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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