"Monkey Test" "Ghost Push" Virus Solved - Android

Recently I got irritated after connecting my phone to Internet. As soon as it gets internet connection only thing it does is to download apps consuming unnecessary WiFi or cellular data that I do not require and the most awful thing is it starts showing nude wallpapers on screen. When it won't get internet connection it starts to reboot it self and drain whole battery and creates shortcut of apps link on home screen. It made me suffered for few days around a week.

After little search on internet I came to know it's a virus which made people from whole world to suffer. This virus not only makes phone slow but will drain your battery by downloading lots of application and running them. It can do anything it likes with phone because it has root access to the phone. This virus is cannot be removed even after factory reset. It installs on internet via ads or SDK and even apps. It has been one of most spread virus on android devices.

There are lots of apps which had been infected by this virus:
Super Mario
Talking Tom 3
Photo Clean
WiFi Enhancer
Ice Browser
Monkey Test
Light Browser
Smart Folder
Happy Fishing
Accurate Compass
Daily Racing
Memory Booster
WiFi Speeder
Fruits Slot
Multifunction Flashlight
Hubii News
Whats WiFi
Setting Service
Word Lock
Pinky Girls
XVideo Codec Pack
Fast Booster
Hot Video
Assistive Touch
Sex Cademy

After getting these apps phone will be affected by virus and other apps will be downloaded itself after it gets internet connection. The solution to this virus is Clean Master and Cheetah Mobile has developed special application for this virus. The application is Stubborn Trojan Killer. You can download it from Zippyshare.

Most probably you have to download it from Zippyshare. If this virus will not allow you to use your phone properly it may even reboot it several times and you cannot download the app. You have to copy apk file to your SD card and install it.
All you have to do is scan and tap on kill. After scanning reboot you phone and scan again. If still trojan viruses are detected repeat it several times.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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