Disable Text Selection on Your Website or Blog

Many posts are copied from blogs or websites and posted somewhere else without permission of the owner and re-posted on other blogs. People do this to grow their audience fast but it will affect their ranking by google and if they have aim to apply for adsense, they will never be approve blog with duplicate contents. It really irritates the original bloggers. If you have blog with your own contents you can protect your blog content from being copied by disabling right click or disabling text selection.

Keeping your content secure helps you go get good traffic from the google search and improves the ranking in search result. Google search gives more preference to original contents. So, here is a tutorial about disabling text selection for your or blog. You can do it with simple steps.

Follow these steps to disable text Selection on your blogger blog.
  • Login to your Blogger bashboard.
  • Go to 'Layout' section.
  • Click on 'Add a gadget' anywhere on your blog.
  • Then click on 'HTML/JavaScript'
  • Get code from here to disable text selection.
  • Copy and paste code in box.
  • Click on 'Save'.
  • You are done !!
Note: You can put this HTML/Javascript code anywhere (sidebar, banner or footer) in the blog layout. Position of code won't make affect for functioning.

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