6 Minor Reason Behind Losing Your Website Ranking From Google Search Engine

Losing website ranking is most common for every blogger, now a days it almost happens to everyone. Even the best one can’t give 100% when it comes to ranking. When all the things are going smoothly & one morning you see the ranking of your website goes down & you know very well how does it feels. This will be the end of world from your side.

Now A Days Almost Everyone is making some minor mistake to their website or their blog & after a time period these minor mistakes will cause behind losing your website ranking from Google search engine & Also From SEO Gold Coast.

If you search on Google about website ranking then you will find a lot of articles about how can you rank your website. But Here I am going to tell you the reason’s behind losing your website ranking.

Let’s Take A Brief look:
  • Some Minor Errors To Your Website:
Remember One thing that one minor error can drop your website from google ranking.Below Are some errors that can be harmful to your website:
  • Page that does not exist (It is Error 404).
  • A Damage link.
  • A damaged picture.
  • Some Server Problem.
I think you know very well that these errors are most common & you can solve easily these except the last one because this can solve only by your server hosting company. You Need to fix all these errors as soon as possible if you found these on your website. You can check these errors by various tools available on internet you just need to google it. You Also Need To Do On Page SEO For A Better User Experience.
  • Your Website Speed Is Too Slow In Loading :
This one is too frustrating for your user if your website has too slow in loading. The minimum loading time of a normal website should not be more then 3-4 seconds, if your website exceeds then this you are in problem, you may loose your website ranking. This may increase high bounce rate. You can check your website loading speed by Google Developer.

  • Your Website Is Effected By Google New Update:
Sometimes You may experience That you are losing ranking without doing anything spammy or without any error. It is look Like  When you do not go searching for any difficulty, But Difficulty could still discover you because you are so lovely. It can also happens to your website if Google turn up an update that modifications their standards of Search Engine Optimization.

When you observe an unexpected decrease in web site web traffic and positions, visit the sites that focus on publishing Search Engine Optimization information. There may be word spreading around about a feasible Google update. Issue is, Google tends to be coy regarding the updates that cause trouble in spite of presenting brand-new ones pretty much daily, so hard-working Search engine optimizations are delegated address these challenges by themselves. Which implies they probably won't know just what to do, even if they recognize exactly what's happening.

So I Always Advice You to Keep your ear to the ground about the current Search Engine Optimization Updates!
  • Your Website Got Panelized By Google:
I know you will never want to do that with your loving baby, it looks like someone break your legs without any reason. By The way Google will not panelize your website without any reason. Maybe you are doing something spammy to get backlinks for your website.

It implies that you, knowingly or unconsciously, did something on your site that breaks Google's standards and also were taken down a notch as a penalty. Probably you've meddled black-hat Search Engine Optimization? Bad, poor webmaster!

If your site has actually been penalized, you will find a notice from Google in Browse Web Master-> Guidebook Actions. It will certainly consist of a summary of the trouble where you'll have the ability to infer a way to repair it.
  • Internal Links Of Your Website Has Been Removed Or Changed:
Internal linking is also work as external linking, it has almost the same effect to your website. If you removed or change any of the link from your website then it may cause losing your website ranking. Your Position may go down because of changing links.

In this situation it depends on you whether you want to keep that link on your website or not. If you want to keep your brand-new internal link framework on the same way, then the  possibilities you're currently certain your rankings will certainly return to normal and even enhance. If you really do not want to change your internal links, after that certainly it's worth restoring them to their previous state.
  • Poor User Experience & High Bounce Rate: 
You Know what Google always  takes user feedback seriously. Specifically, when it comes to internet websites having positions for having a high bounce rate. And I thinks it also happens with you.

Your User often irritated by things like invasive interstitials, counter-intuitive layout, long page loading time. Generally, think about just what would obtain under your skin when you are making use of the Web and check your very own website for those things. And afterwards remove them.
  • Over To You:
If You take care of your user then they take care for you, so always focus on what your user want. Always  Keep These things in your mind. If You Have any suggestion related to website ranking losing then feel free to share in the comment box.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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