How to Select Between Angular or React for Web Application Development

Now, that you have received a new project, it's time to pick out the right technology for the project's success. As you know, JavaScript framework is used to develop single page application (SPA) from the time web application development was started. However, there are new JavaScript based framework technologies that are introduced in the market such as Vue, Angular and React.

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Among these technologies, react and angular are most commonly used to create single page application. In this article, I will be discussing about React and Angular to make easier for you to select any one for your project. As a developer, it is difficult to make a choice to select one of these technologies for accomplishing front-end projects. There are different factors that you can consider to choose the best between angular and react for your new project.

Before comparison, you should know whatis angular and react. These are the popular JavaScript frameworks. Amazing single page applications can be developed using Angular or React. Angular is based on MVC (Model View Controller) framework that is used to develop user interfaces for a web application. React is also used to develop user interfaces that handle view layer for web and mobile apps. You can consider following points to select between angular or react-

  • Performance
If you are considering performance, then you can choose React than angular. The first version of angular (angularjs.1x) is not good in performance. It makes changes in the DOM directly on web browser slowing down the CPU operations. Whereas React put fewer loads on the device in which its applications are accessed.

  • Scalability
Scalability is the basic functional requirement for the development of single page applications. Angular has a powerful command line interface which makes it scalable. Whereas react is more scalable than angular as it provides efficient testing and deployment of code.

  • Development of Small or Large Applications
If you want to develop an SPA with basic features then Angular will be the right choice for you. Since angular is based on the MVC framework, you can add different objects in the web application design. On the contrary, React provides you the flexibility to make suitable changes as required but with minimal functionalities. AngularJSDevelopment Company takes benefit of this limitation of React to built better single page applications using Angular.

  • Speed of Development Process
React and Angular both are faster in the development process but with different criteria. Angular has faster development for the components used to design web application whereas react is faster in displaying components on the web. You have to select a choice according to the design of a single page application.

It's not easy to declare between angular or react as both have diverse approaches. These are suitable for the small/medium business and for a startup for building web or mobile app. You can select react if you want to modify the developed application later. If you want to develop web application urgently then you can select angular.

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