Pest Control Tips for This Coming Rainy Season

While your home is a safe haven for you and your family, it can also serve as the perfect refuge for pests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes. As the rainy season approaches, it is important to prepare your home and keep away these pests and the diseases they carry. With waterlogged streets becoming more common, it becomes harder to control these pests and prevent the deadly and infectious diseases they carry from spreading all around. During these times, the chances of contracting diseases like malaria, dengue, and leptospirosis become much more real.

You need to remember to do two key things when you are trying to pest-proof your home: get rid of all the possible nests and habitats pests may have lived in and stop any more of them from getting inside your house. Your primary purpose during the rainy season is to keep as many pests away as possible and to make your home inhospitable to the few that find their way in. Here are a few pest control tips that can help you this coming rainy season.

  • Empty out containers of stagnant water
Stagnant water can be a home to too many dangerous pests, especially mosquitoes that carry dangerous diseases such as dengue fever. They can also serve as a breeding ground, not just for ordinary mosquitoes, but also some mosquitoes that carry malaria.

Always check your home and areas near it like your yard and garden for any pools of stagnant water that may have collected. Once you do find a source, try and get rid of it as soon as possible before it can attract any pests.

  • Install window nets
Window nets can be very useful not just during the rainy season, but in other seasons all-year-round too. These nets can help you keep out most bugs and pests from entering through your window.

Window nets are typically available in most hardware stores. All you have to do is to give out the measurement of your windows and they will cut it out accordingly. The net can then be attached to the frame of your window using velcro.

  • Keep your bathroom dry and clean
A damp bathroom can attract a wide range of pests, even earthworms! Although they are not harmful, keeping your bathroom dry and neat is still a good, hygienic habit to get in to.

  • Clean your bed
It is important that you keep your bed as well as your beddings clean. Make sure that you brush off any dust and debris that might have collected on your bed sheets regularly.

Shake off the dust or dirt from your pillow and its covers and also keep your mattress clean. Beddings that are not kept clean can attract plenty of pests such as bed bugs which can result in long, sleepless nights.

  • Key Takeaway
It should be pointed out that it can be next to impossible to keep pests completely out of your home. There are always going to be some insects that will find a way into your home no matter what you do.

However, you can make it difficult for them. Spend some time in maintaining your home and doing some basic chores and housekeeping and you can greatly reduce the chances of a major insect infestation.

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