Health Benefits Of Surfing

Surfing is gaining a steady increase in popularity due to the fact that it is so much fun to play and surf the waves. A number of people still are not fond of surfing, mainly because it is an extreme sport and they have the notion of thinking that surfing is hard.

Surfing might be hard but with constant practice and hard work, a person can definitely learn it. Starting with the basic movements, a good spot to practice, and good equipments to rent and use are the foundation in order to learn surfing.

Surfing can be beneficial to people who play the sport for competitive or hobby purposes. There are lots of great health benefits you can get from surfing. It is mostly physical benefits but emotional benefits can be gained from surfing as well. Below are a few of the known health benefits of surfing.

  • Cardiovascular fitness
The paddling, playing and securing waves to ride will definitely increase and regulate your blood circulation. The benefits you gain from surfing can improve oxygen distribution to your body and increase stamina.

  • Muscles build up
Paddling around to get to the sea will give you back and shoulder a boost. Constant paddling and pushing up to ride the waves will sculpt your back and shoulder to look even better.
Paddling might look easy but it will take all your strength if you don’t have the body to paddle correctly.

  • Vitamin absorption
Stayingoutside the open sea to surf can provide you with abundant vitamin D nutrients which you get from the sun. Playing at the correct time can maximize the benefit given to bones growth. Strong bones are the main effect of Vitamin D because it regulates calcium and phosphorus in blood. It helps in skin cells’ growth as well.

  • Increases balance
Not only does surfing give you good muscle growth, it enhances your flexibility and balance as well. This whole body workout needs coordination from different parts of your body to get the perfect wave rides.

It strengthens core through continuous balancing and strengthen your legs to properly skim with the waves.

  • Sleep better at night
Even with or without study provided, you can prove that surfing can aid you to sleep better at night. This is because it is a full body workout that strengthens your body and regulates your blood circulation. This helps in getting a good night sleep.
Having a good night sleep after getting tired surfing in the beach can aid to faster muscle recovery and better workout results.

  • It makes you happy
Surfing is not easy sports to learn but if you get to the point where you’re already out at sea catching waves, it will definitely make you happy. People who exercise are always energetic and happy. It is the health benefit of surfing associated to working out.

  • Stress reliever
Being out at sea without thinking about anything else is a great way to relieve your stress. Stress from work, from home, from responsibilities, and many more. Out in the sea, it’s just you plus the waves. Nothing else will bother you out in the open which can then help you think.

It will clear your mind and is the perfect spot to self reflect. Just don’t stay in one place as other surfers might accidentally bump into you.

Truly surfing has lots of benefits that you can gain. Just always make sure to practice caution while playing to avoid injuries and to enjoy it completely.

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