3 Best Service Based Marketplace Apps

In this blog, you will be getting to know the best service based marketplaces like UrbanClap. People are quite unaware of service based marketplaces which is the reason of not getting proper services. Apart from UrbanClap, there are many other service marketplaces that your should know.

Most people are aware about the various kinds of Service Marketplaces predominantly prevalent these days. These are the places that are specially created to ensure that people can offer different kinds of services on a common platform so that it is convenient for customers to procure said services from a single place.

However, it doesn’t just work like a simple show and tell. This is a platform that can be used for both purchase and sale of services. So, if you are a skilled plumber looking to offer your services while hiring a skilled electrician, this marketplace will be ideal for you.

With the emergence of the internet, these market places have cropped up online. An online service marketplace is the most trending thing today. Essentially, an online market place is the cheapest place for a customer to find services. This is because, there are no operational costs associated with online markets. What’s more, there are so many different service providers available on the same platform that they price themselves very competitively to ensure that customers prefer them.

There are many online service marketplace apps like UrbanClap. But, not all are just as popular. UrbanClap is quite an outstanding service marketplace app that is capable enough to provide thousands of service providers with different services at one single time.

The general working flow of UrbanClap and all the other service marketplaces is very simple. The service seeker simply places a service request and then the app provides a list of service providers, from where the customer can check the history, experience and all the other details of the service provider. If the service provider is available then you can talk to the same person, can tell you requirements and then come to a conclusion. It's quite simple with service marketplace apps.

However, not all service marketplace apps are good as UrbanClap. There are only some service marketplace apps that can fulfil the demands of the service seekers.

Let's get started with best service marketplace apps:

  • BIT
Bit is one of the best service marketplace apps that are based in the United States. Also, the services of “Bit” are also limited to the United States only. However, Bit can easily be regarded as one of the smoothest and easiest to app to get different kinds of services quickly. They are known for their customer care and post sale service which is dedicated to ensure that the service buyer is always happy.

  • GigWalk
GigWalk is another flagship name that has a huge and loyal userbase. This app is definitely one of the more popular ones in the world. This is a platform that allows a huge number of service providers’ good jobs instantly. The payment flow of the app makes the whole transaction absolutely simple and therefore, it is one that both service providers as well as users prefer. The system of the application has been designed in a way that ensures that the people can get solutions to their issues instantly!

  • Rewardable
This service marketplace is quite a unique one. Here, you will not be getting the request for a task by any individual customer. At Rewardable, a service provider gets a list of the task by an anonymous customer. If you are willing to provide the said services, you simply accept the task and deliver the results. Keeping it specifically task oriented makes it possible for the service provider to focus on their core area of expertise and work on it.

  • Uber for Workers
Just as the name suggests this one is more of a concept, than an individual app. The Uber for Workers basically works on the same principles as the taxi app works. Basically, just like the Customer can hire a cab using an application now, with the Uber for Workers app, the customer can simply select the service, enter address and expect the service provider to deliver said services instantly right on their doorstep.

  • The emergence of Apps as a business
There is no doubt about the fact that mobile apps are the present as well as the future of the world today. With more and more people becoming heavily dependent on the internet and mobiles for all their daily needs, it is evident that mobiles or smartphones are going to drive practically every business.

This is the biggest contributor to the general migration of people towards app centric businesses. There’s a lot of money in the service sector, so, if you combine the two of them, you get the on demand services apps. These apps allow users to find service providers easily and service providers to find jobs easily.

In the general scheme of things, just like in any kind of business, the ones who come in first are the ones who succeed. So, while this may be the “phase 1” of the app wave, investors in this are the ones who can think of a long term reap.

Author Bio:
Anurag Rathod is a tech guru of Appclonescript.com who has been associated with many multi nations IT companies developing the Uber Clone app. His expertise lies in market analysis, app projection and prediction and blogging about technology.

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