Google Play is a popular app market for Android phones and tablets for a long time, but this is not just around the Android app market. Many startups and some popular websites have also launched their alternative apps for Android. Some of these app markets offer some popular paid apps for free.

Before you install and install the app from third party marketplace, you need to allow your device to do this. By default, Google prevents Android devices from installing apps outside the Play Store. Do the following to allow third party app installation on your device.

There are a few optional places on Google Play, where you can find a free version of the paid Android app.

AC Market is an Android Marketplace application, which has a lot of features. It is one of the best trending apps in the world today and is gaining its popularity day by day.

There are millions of downloads of ACMarket, and millions of users are using it on their Android mobile worldwide.

Android is the most popular operating system nowadays. Almost all people around the world use Android devices in their daily lives. Due to being an open source operating system, there are many developers in it.

AcMarket is one of the Android Marketplace apps that provides free and fast app downloading services. There are many marketplace applications available, but AcMarket is unique and loaded with lots of features.

It has the largest collections of Paid & Modded Android Apps and Games. You will find all type of Android app on AcMarket.

AcMarket is one of the best options for Google Play Store, and it can compete with the Play Store with its features. Therefore, if you want to break from the Play Store, download the ACMarket Apk and install it on your Android device. Then you are ready to go.

Aptoide: This app store does not host Android apps itself, but allows other users to upload apps. Apps can be downloaded from the app repository created by Epotodie Uploaders. Users can add app repositories (also known as Store) created by other Aptoide users. Here you can find some paid apps for free and many other apps, which have been closed from the Google Play Store. Installing Aptoide on Android devices is quite easy.

Download Free Paid Applications Using Aptoide:
  • Open the web browser on your Android device and go to URL
  • Click on the install button to download and install Aptoide from the APK file.
  • Package Manager has been launched to install the downloaded app. If you have optional applications related to app (.apk) files, a menu asks you to select the app. In this case, choose Package Manager.
  • Now open the Aptoide App Store. 
  • In Search tab which is upper right corner. Type the name of the app and press enter.
  • If you do not see the desired app in the search results, tap Search More Button. More results will be displayed .
  • Select special apps. A dialog box prompts you to confirm the app installation. Click OK.
  • You will be prompted to add special application repositories, which includes the app you searched for. If you want (not required), add it.
  • Package Manager now installs the app. Finally, click OK to finish the installation.
Alternate App Store
Amazon App Store: This store is only available to users in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, lets you download and install free and paid apps for Android devices. To download the app, you must have an Amazon account from one of the countries mentioned above. The Amazon App Store has a special feature that gives its users a specially paid app (usually a game) for free. On the American launch of the store, the first "Free app" of the day was an advertisement-free version of Angry Birds Rio. On the European launch, it was Angry Birds (original game - Ad-free

Download the Amazon App Store for Android (APK):
Antiroid s: An a Antiroid is an alternative app store that takes a very different approach. Rather than offering paid apps for free, this app offers freely available options for Store Paid apps. After selecting the optional application, you are automatically directed to download the application on the official Google Play Store. If you want to download free options for many paid apps from Google's own Play Store, then antireidem is a good choice.

Visit the Antiroid website.

Other optional Android app stores includes Acmarket, AppBrain, Slideme and many more.

These stores may have legal problems regarding the paid app for free. Some app stores allow users to host their app while others can download them. In addition, these apps are stored in servers that can not be verified, so there is a big security concern. So please make sure that before you download the app from these optional app markets, you are clear with the official terms and conditions and you are well aware of the risks involved in it.

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