How to Reach the Top of Google Search Results!

Who doesn’t want his or her website to feature at the top of Google search results? Everyone wants that, don’t they?

In today’s day and age, people make it a point to search about a business online before they get associated with it in any way. Also, suppose, if they write anything related to your business on Google, and if your website appears on top, there is a good chance that they might get interested in your products and services.

But, the question is- how to get your website to the very top of Google searches?

Don’t worry! There are some easy and convenient hacks that would allow your website to get better and improved rankings on Google! Let us consider them one by one!

  • Finding suitable keywords
If you want your website to feature right at the top of Google search results, the first step is zeroing in on the right keywords. There are a lot of websites who never improve on their rankings because of choosing keywords which are too broad. The idea is to narrow down the broad keywords according to the type and need of your business. Try to get local keywords and go for local SEO, which wouldn’t be so competitive. For instance, if your IT Company is in Northeast India, write it as ‘IT Company in Northeast India’ and not just ‘India’. That way, you are just competing with the companies in the Northeast, not the whole of India and you have far more scope of reaching your target audience.

  • Implement optimization elements for your website
It is extremely necessary to use optimization elements for your website to make the most of it. There has to be a focus keyword, along with which you need to include the other elements. Each page on your website needs to have a title which would have less than 70 characters and a Meta description with less than 155 characters. With every image, there has to go a title. The content should always be broken down into parts and the main keyword used should be written in bold letters at least once. The idea is to make your website user-friendly by including all these elements on every page.

  • Create useful and readable content
People go on to Google to read content that is relevant and useful to them. Hence, in order for your website to perform well, you must work towards making such content. Your website should have content that gives the readers some sort of practical and functional information. It should add value to their already existing knowledge. Also, it should not have any spelling or grammatical errors; else it would lose its readability. Focus on making the content short, crisp and readable. Creating useful content for the readers would go a long way in solidifying your presence on the web and getting you to the top of Google search results.

  • Build a blog for your website
Having a blog for your website has numerous advantages. Firstly, when you have a blog, you keep creating fresh content for your website regularly, which in turn attracts a lot more traffic than usual. Secondly, these blog articles can also be promoted through social media to drive even more traffic to your website. All you have to do to run a blog is to do your research and think of certain relevant topics related to your industry. There has to be a focus keyword for each article and the content writer has to write the whole article around that topic and the focus keyword. Also, the writing style of a blog article should be casual and simple. The more appealing the content is, the more are the chances of the visitors coming back to your website.

  • Get more backlinks to your website
Getting more backlinks to your website is a search engine optimization strategy that you have to follow to reach the top of Google search results. Backlinks are generated when some other website links your website as a reference. It is not always easy to get them to link to your website, but it is worth trying. Guest posting blog articles is a good way to do that. Guest posting on a certain website would open up your content and your website to more people. The host site would also benefit by posting more relevant information for their visitors. As you generate backlinks on a regular basis, your search engine rankings would consistently improve.  

  • Keep your website fresh and updated
You need to regularly change or update the content of your website to go with the trend or the changing times. The look and the content of your website should always come across as fresh and relatable. Add more pages once in a while or start a blog to keep things relevant. Websites that follow these steps are more likely to rank high on the Google search results.

  • Make the most of social media
Social media is an important tool in the current times to promote your website. The blog articles on your website can be easily promoted on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The reach of these social media networks is far and wide. Posting your articles on these platforms would make your website reach out to a new audience. As a result, the demand for your website would gradually increase, leading to a considerable improvement in its ranking in the Google search results.

  • There is always scope for improvement
There are times when some of your strategies and ideas would not be working as you would want them to. Some of your keywords might not fetch you the results that you would have expected. What you would have to do is work on those harder. Try to gauge the results and review your own work through Google Analytics and proceed accordingly. Keeping at it is the best way to go. As time goes on, you would get better and your website would also benefit a great deal from your hard work and persistence.

Written By: Vasp Technologies

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