How to Steer Clear of Diabetic Complications? Unveil Some Smart Ways

Over 100 million American adults are having diabetes or at least, prediabetes. Almost 16 percent of the American adults who are suffering from diabetes are known to be smokers, almost 90 percent of diabetics are supposed to be overweight or obese and the rest 40 percent are not physically active. A wide majority of diabetes cases are actually supposed to be type-2 diabetes. This is precisely an illness that is characterized predominantly by insulin resistance. This implies that cells would be failing to respond effectively to insulin. However, the reason to feel relieved about is the fact that Type-2 is treatable and largely preventable. In the case, of type-1 diabetes, no insulin would be produced by the pancreas.
Diabetes could be detected using several blood tests. In this context, you may know that in the lab, bacterial cells could be made competent. Moreover, DNA would be subsequently introduced through the heat shock method. This heat shock transformation method would be using a calcium-rich ambiance given by calcium chloride for counteracting the precise electrostatic repulsion that takes place between the bacterial cellular membrane and the plasmid DNA. We know that the bacterial transformation solution could be used for making multiple DNA copies known as DNA cloning. This is effectively used for making huge amounts of certain human proteins, for instance, human insulin that could be used for treating Type-1 diabetes patients. Another application would be for genetically modifying a bacterium or some other cell.

Some Smart Ways of Managing Your Diabetes:
If you are successful in managing your sugar levels or controlling your diabetes, it would help you in effectively preventing nerve, foot, and heart issues. Follow the tips discussed below for living happily and healthily despite diabetes.
  • Maintain a slim and fit body and so it is essential to lose extra fat and shed some weight. If you are persistent and doing a regular workout regimen, you mean serious business and you must be maintaining a healthy weight to effectively keep your blood sugar levels under control.  If you are a diabetic and not yet into a regular fitness program, you may start a weight maintenance and fitness program that has been chalked out after a consultation with your dietician, doctor, and fitness trainer.
  • Your blood sugar must be examined minimum twice every day to keep track of the blood sugar levels accurately.
  • Monitor your carb consumption. You need to be strictly vigilant about the number of carbs you are consuming and the frequency of the carb consumption. If you manage your carbs well, your blood sugar would be automatically under control. You must consume high-fiber carbs like fruits, green vegetables, beans, and even whole grains.
  • Examine your cholesterol & triglycerides. Keep the blood pressure, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels under control. You need to consult with your doctor regarding the maintenance of triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Consume medications as prescribed.
  • Do regular exercises as strict workout regimen is instrumental in keeping your body weight in check. Almost 16% adults that are diagnosed with diabetes actually were smokers, almost 90% were actually, overweight, and over 40% were actually, physically inactive. You can maintain a perfectly healthy weight if you do regular exercises. Exercise could reduce stress, lower blood pressure, control triglyceride and cholesterol levels. You may do 30 minutes of vigorous exercises like aerobics for preferably 5 days every week. Consider dancing, walking, or performing low-impact aerobics, tennis, swimming, and stationary biking etc. Include stretching and strength training in between.
  • Get enough sleep to keep you fit and healthy. There are chances of you becoming obese if you are not getting ample sleep at night. Patients with diabetes, who are known to be getting adequate sleep, follow healthier dietary and eating habits have much-better blood sugar levels. Good sleep would also, minimize your stress levels.

Get a comprehensive clinical checkup every year. Consult your doctor minimum once every year. Your annual examination must include blood pressure examination, dilated eye exam, foot exam, and all relevant screening for some other common complications like nerve damage, kidney damage, and even heart damage. Follow the tips religiously and keep diabetes at bay.

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