Is it right idea to shop online Kurtis?

Those who are thinking about placing first order on Flipkart or Amazon must be thinking about this question again and again! Well, don’t think too much! Go ahead and place the first order online. No doubt it will definitely prove as the right idea for any girl as there are so many reasons that indicate ladies users to shop kurtis from the online store. In this post, we discuss all the important reasons why a woman should purchase Kurtis from Online website!

  • Easy exchange
We know many of you have gone through the hurdle of exchanging kurti from boutique stores. Exchange policy is not something very easy to handle for normal customers. Because once you left the store, you have to visit the store and explain why you would want to replace particular Kurti. Whether the owner agrees with replacement reason or not, it clearly depends upon the Exchange policy. In most cases,even the reputed stores deny replacement and You know that very well . However, all online stores follow easy exchange policy hence customer just needs to inform online via email or else talk directly with customer care representative to demand exchange. Honestly, It is super easy for all Online buyers because the online stores offer hassle-free pick up and drop up service for individual buyer.

  • Comfortable timing
In our busy lifestyle, it becomes hard for everyone to spend whole day for shopping. A girl at least needs a few hours because she travels to many stores or shopping malls to search various Patterns. Obviously! This is time-consuming process. Moreover, she has to adjust the time as the stores and the shopping malls open and close at fix time.  During online shopping, she would purchase kurti whenever she feels free to search because the E-commerce websites stay live for 24 hours.

  • Money Saver
The first thing all women would want to do is to save a few bucks while shopping at boutique stores. However, in India, most of the boutique stores set the cost so high because they have to cover various costs such as transportation, staff salary, and So on. Online stores only upload kurtis images on a website and one person can easily upload image means less investment in staff salary. This is the reason online stores can set the low prize of Kurti.  Most of the manufacturers distribute kurtis design catalog to supplier In India and then supplier deliver various designs in Bulk to kurtis wholesalers. Finally when Kurtis collection reaches at any retail store, the price of each tunic automatically goes up because of added cost.

  • Each and every detail available
Sale person at store provides limited information to the customer regarding kurti’s fabric and patterns because he/she has to handle too many customers at a time so couldn’t spend much time on one customer. Whereas in online shopping each and every detail about particular kurti has been written under the product description area, also a user has ample time to read other buyers reviews before ordering a kurti.

  • Effective exchange policy
While even famous boutique stores couldn’t offer an easy exchange for regular customers, small and big online stores are offering a smooth exchange policy. In online shopping, users can exchange Kurti after 15 days if they feel the size or material is not up-to-the-mark. In such a scenario, most of the stores deny exchange because they have extra pressure to clear available stock within a certain time. Moreover the Kurtis wholesalers do not accept single piece in return hence exchange is almost impossible at any store

  • Users get attractive offers
Due to the competitive online market, Users achieve maximum benefit from online shopping. Apparently, to stay always ahead in the competition, big names like Flipkart, Amazon, MYNTRA, JABONG run lucrative offers and users get maximum benefit from each promotional offer. Local boutique stores are not able to run promotional offers because of the limited kurtis stocks and fixed purchasing budget.

  • Trouble-free return policy
So far ladies customers have gone through enough troubles especially in retuning kurtis at physical stores! Now it’s time for them to say goodbye to stores!  All available online stores quickly accept the return without asking a single question and the same day refund policy attracts many users to do online shopping.

  • Tax-free shopping
In India, some online store’s annual income is less than 10 lack hence such small website falls under Tax-free firm and Indian government doesn’t charge GST or VAT on a product they sell. This thing gives a direct opportunity to Indian users to buy kurti without paying GST ( Gross service Tax) to Government body.

From Going through all above advantages it can be concluded that the online shopping for kurti is an effective way to follow for all Indian girls in current time.

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