These days, our smartphones are practically glued to our palms for most of our waking hours. We need them at the ready to google things, order dinner on the way home from work, see what our friends are up to on Snapchat, swipe left or right.  Like a human, mobile covers also need to be protected by their covers.

Mobile covers are now easily available online in Pakistan. You can check it out in our different collections like Mens clothing online, women dresses online and accessories online collection etc. The practical purpose of a cell phone case was to protect the technology from damage, but they've undoubtedly evolved into a fashion accessory.

As such, we tend to dress our phones with as much care as we dress, and your choice of a phone can say a lot about your style sense and overall personality. Have you read about the phone covers type and designs collection at the warehouse? If not then have a look of our latest previous blog to know about the perfect and latest phone cases in Pakistan.

In this blog, you will find out what phone cover style tell the personality of a person who owns that phone.

If you are having a glittery phone then this means you are giving the world a little peek of your true self, or perhaps what you want to be - a bit glitzy, glam, and dripping in jewels. For some people - especially those in jobs where being conservative is the expectation - a case like this could really be their personality outlet.

This kind of cover might also suggest a need for attention or desire to be seen. We won't mention the word 'diva'

Cartoon cases tell everyone about your inner child, and good for you. So many of us feel like we have to let go of our childhood, and childish, things when we become adults, and cartoon covers let a little bit of immaturity wriggle back into our world without fearing our adult status. A little bit of recollection of past never does any harm. Just don't expect any of your friends with more practical phone cases to ever understand.

If you own a cover that is printed some deep or motivational quotes then people think about you that you love to analyze everything in life. Often people will think about you as high flyers, strivers or dreamers, you draw on signs around you for inspiration and focus throughout your day. It’s how you stay pumped.

If you are one of those no-fuss types if you are having simple transparent cover. Perhaps you cooperate and simple personality. There is far too much going on to add any more complexity to your fast-paced life. Someone who carries their phone in this cover sees no need for accessories and attention. You are confident and happy in your own style. So why would need another skin on your phone?

If you have a personalized phone covers then this means you are fiercely independent.  You don't like to rely on others because that may show signs of weakness, or you simply take pride in accomplishing things on your own.

If you don’t have a cover on your phone then people will think you are a risk taker. Because you live on the edge of your expensive phone’s life.

Simply, your mobile phone protection, accessories tell you about your personality face truly and factly.

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