The Disadvantages of RO Water Purifier and Their Solution

RO or river osmosis water is a tested and a very much proven method of getting all the best-purified water but there are also some glitches in it. If you have installed RO water purifier in your home, office or anywhere and face any issues with it, just dial Dr. Aquaguard toll-free number and get effective assistance.

If you are looking for safe and pure water for your house or workplace then you must go for RO purifier, but have you thought about the side effects and disadvantages of the same? If not, then you must fill your knowledge, and here we have listed the disadvantages of RO water purifier and given the solution for the same as well.

1.      All minerals are gone

The first thing you must keep in mind that RO purifier cleans out all the minerals from water and makes the water useless, at least health-wise. You must know that there are so many bad effects of drinking de-mineralized water and the way it can affect you. Thus, this is the first thing that falls under the disadvantages of RO water. So, the reason you have bought the purifier to have pure water is served but the nutrition part is avoided.

2.      Reduced pH level in the water

This very thing is highly crucial and it can help so much for your health. If the RO purifier the pH level in the water then it becomes a thing of headache and you might not want to buy the same. However, if you go for any other type then there you will get impure water and there will be more threat to your health. So sticking to RO is always the best option.

3.      The TDS level in the water

The best water TDS level should always be, 200-400 mg/L. This means the absence of minerals in water lowers the level of TDS and this can be harmful to your health. The lower level of minerals in water can cause cardiovascular disease, motor neuronal disease and there are also some types of cancer that can show up. On the other hand, the deficiency of calcium in water can end up in bone diseases, and other problems as well.

4.      You must use RO water purifier

All this information might be scary but you must not get frightened by it because RO water purifier is the best solution for pure water in the market and it will always help you stay healthy. There are some shortcomings, but all of that can be recovered by so many options and it will be very cost-effective as well. In this case, you can always mineralize the water, then you can buy a mineralizer cartridge, and it will serve the purpose.

Other than that there are so many food items you can add to your daily meal and that will serve you in a cost-effective way.

Lastly, RO water will always serve you the best way and that too for a long time. The part where minerals and pH level is reduced, you can fill up that with so many other ways.

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