Which is the best hosting in Nepal, Himalayan Host or AGM Web Hosting?

Himalayan Host Vs AGM Web Hosting; two of the most well known companies in the web hosting industry in Nepal.

This is painful to say, but…

Most of what’s we see out there in the web about best hosting in Nepal is total BS.

Not just insufficient info. Not just half-truths about their brand.

I’m talking of outright lies and boldfaced scams.

Always remember you can never get exact and straightforward answers to basic question like - ‘Which company is good for your website hosting? Who can you trust to buy web hosting?’

Believe me, there’s only one way to answer it correctly. And that’s with, it depends.

Right now, I’m totally in peace of mind because I have learned a lot of valuable lessons — often the hard way — about what makes the best web hosting and figured out which web hosting best meets my growing needs and helps to easily scale when there is high upsurge in site traffic - - no matter how good they boast themselves for.

And today, I’m going to share head-to-head comparison of these two industry leading hosting companies I wish somebody had given me. Plus, we will also look at the some of the most crucial features that we need to look for when it comes to opt good web hosting company.

Which Web Host is the Best and Why?

As website developers and site owners, we all have different needs and budgets for our sites. A startup site will have different needs and priorities to an established site possessing a larger audience. So, continue reading to explore which web host is the best in Nepal, and why.
Opting the best in between these two hosts: Himalayan Host and AGM Web Hosting, in no way is an easy task as both host are best in their own way offering amazing features and fantastic value for money. Yet, Wondering what makes one the best among the other. Let’s quickly figure out with these crucial factors that one need to look for before selecting best hosting company, such as:
  • Affordability
  • Ease of Use for Beginners
  • Security and Data Storage
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Scalability and Flexibility.

You are bound to trust your web host if it is popular and offer great value for money. Two such experienced web hosting company in Nepal trusted by several thousands of users are AGM Web Hosting and Himalayan Host. 
Here we’ll perform the comparative analysis in aforementioned factors. Without further ado, Let’s dive into it.

1 - AGM Web Hosting

  • Domain Name Registration:
AGM Web Hosting offers cheapest domain name registration services in Nepal. If you want to buy domain in Nepal, it just costs NPR.899 for .com domain registration and NPR.999 for the renewal. Unlike Himalayan Host, their registration prices are always consistent. What’s more, domain transfer is always free with AGM Web Hosting.

  • Web Hosting Pricing
They have startup hosting plan starting at just NPR.479/year with 500MB storage on the server. In addition, you can get free domain with annual subscription of their any reseller hosting plan starting from NPR.638/month(20GB disk Space). They haven’t mentioned any unlimited terms in their any hosting plan as they are more liable and transparent to their customers.

  • Moneyback guarantee
AGM Web Hosting offers money-back guarantee of 30 days. This means if you buy any hosting plan and don’t find it useful, you can ask for the refund within the 30 days of your purchase with no questions asked guarantee.

  • Value Added Features
They just don’t offer you the cheap web hosting and domain registration in Nepal rather they offer more to it than that. You can get Free Auto SSL Certificate and Backup Soft for free with their every hosting plan.

1 - Himalayan Host 

  • Domain name registration
Himalayan Host always offer a free domain name registration when you sign up for hosting with them. As the free domain name is registered for a year, it charges renewal prices for both domain and hosting after that first year. It just costs NPR.1000 for .com domain registration and NPR.1100 for the renewal.

  • Web Hosting Pricing
Himalayan Host offers startup hosting plan at NPR.2500/year for 500MB disk space on the server. You can also avail free domain with annual subscription of their reseller hosting plan that costs NPR.12000/year (10GB disk space). They don’t have any monthly plan for the reseller hosting. They have clearly mentioned their plan offering unlimited storage and bandwidth, the term unlimited may not mean what you think it does.

  • Moneyback guarantee
Himalayan Host also gives you 30 day money back guarantee on their hosting plans. However, there are lot of terms and conditions in their services plan. Make sure, you read all the T&C before you finalize your buying decision.

  • Value Added Features
They have mentioned unlimited terms for adding value but it’s outright scams. But yes you can avail their weekly data backups but not SSL Certificate for free in their every hosting plan.

2 - AGM Web Hosting

  • Customer Service and Support
AGM Web Hosting offer greater channels to get in touch with their customers. You can also have advanced priority support even in their free hosting plan. Plus, they have tutorials, knowledge-base video materials on every topic you want.

There are basically four ways to reach AGM Web Hosting’s 24*7 support team, they are: Phone, Live Chat, Social Media and Support Tickets. And the corresponding response times are:
  • Phone – Instantly
  • Live Chat – instantly
  • Support Tickets – Within few minutes

  • Expertise Field
AGM Web Hosting’s executives are highly acknowledged for their top expertise. They’re so friendly that they’re happy to help you in every way possible giving best hosting solution at much cheap rate.

2 - Himalayan Host

  • Customer Service and Support
Himalayan Host also provides the support via three channels. They haven’t disclosed their support terms and conditions. Plus, they do not have tutorials and video materials on every topic you want. However, they do have knowledgebase page in their site.
  • They also offer the support especially via three prominent channels in the hosting industry: Phone, Live Chat and Support Tickets. And the corresponding response times are:
  • Phone – Instantly
  • Live Chat – Within 1 hour
  • Support Tickets – No Time Provided

  • Expertise Field
Himalayan Host’s executives are not that much technical and that’s the reason why they do not pick the phone call for long time to even a weeks. Don’t get me wrong – they are less friendly and aren’t much serious about customer service.

3 - AGM Web Hosting

  • Security and Protection
Security is the key features to consider before opting any hosting provider that offers the right security measures as well. AGM Web Hosting has got you covered. Their Site Lock addon can easily diagnose and offer protection against Malicious bots and DDoS attacks.

  • Data Backups
AGM Web Hosting offers R1 Soft Backup for free so that their customer can schedule these to take place automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And it’s much easier for customers to create their own backups via cPanel just doing one click installation.

  • Free SSL Certificate
AGM Web Hosting provides free Auto SSL Certificate with every single domain hosting account and reseller accounts that reside on a shared IP.

3 - Himalayan Host

  • Security and Protection
They do not have any addon that can prevent against such Malicious bots and DDos attacks, Unlike AGM Web Hosting.

  • Data Backups
No such Free Data Backups are available with Himalayan Host’s hosting plan. Rather they offer weekly data backups only which is performed on a manual basis. You need to upgrade your plan to reseller if you want to avail automatic data restoration.

  • Free SSL Certificate
Himalayan Host broadcasts to give you unlimited SSL certificates with their reseller hosting plan only.

4 - AGM Web Hosting

  • Ease of Use
Since its inception in 2013, AGM has been working to maximize customer service experience even more offering best web hosting in Nepal. If you’re a newbie to hosting world, you need to have your site running with higher uptime and lesser page load time. AGM doesn’t claim uptime guarantee, but offers a significantly higher uptime percentage, while Himalayan Host claims to offer an uptime guarantee of about 99.9%. Moreover, they offer simple yet easy to use industry standard cPanel with additional value added features into it.

  • Reliability
AGM Web Hosting is highly reliable for its cheaper plan and quality service. Most hosts claim to offer cheap price but they have to compromise somewhere to run their business in this competitive environment. However, if you are looking for best plan at budget price, they offer various packages for you to choose from with feature-rich plan.

  • Friendliness
AGM Web Hosting ensures that you’re served in more friendly environment. Having said that, you won’t find yourself dealing with any organization rather you will find dealing as just with your friend.

4 - Himalayan Host

  • Ease of Use
Since its inception in 2007, Himalayan host has boasted itself as leading hosting provider. To some extent, it’s true however to be acknowledged as leading provider there is more to it than just the inception date. They need to help customer experience feel better. They have also guaranteed 99.9% uptime regardless of the service they offer. They offer customized cPanel with not much features into it.

  • Reliability
Comparison to AGM, they are par below in reliability metrics. They claim to offer cheap price but still are expensive in every respect with AGM hosting services. They are highly renowned only for their unlimited plans but in fact it is boldfaced scams. In addition, they do offer very limited packages with much lesser flexibility and almost no feature-rich plan inside their cPanel.

  • Friendliness
They are less friendly and even are much less serious about the customer service.

5 - AGM Web Hosting

  • Scalability
If you wish to upgrade your hosting plan, it’s simple with AGM. They are much scalable and only cost associated during the process is just the difference amount between the upgraded plan and the current hosting plan. Also, they ensure your website will be simply upgraded without having to re-upload all the web files in the server.

  • Flexibility
As your business grows, Flexibility becomes more essential. AGM Web Hosting offers you flexibility in Server resources meeting your business’s needs and growing traffic. They also even provide flexibility in their reseller hosting services meeting the growing needs of your business site.

  • Coupon Pages
AGM also contains coupon and deals pages where you can save big money if you purchase at the right time. They also publish coupons and deals in every special occasion.

5 - Himalayan Host

  • Scalability
They also offer the scalable feature and help their customer upgrade the hosting plan as the resources need grows. However, their prices are much higher in comparison to that of AGM. Even if you’re offering free value services, the paid price should fulfill the purpose in most appropriate way. And if you’re selecting a hosting company based on just the unlimited terminology, Himalayan Host could be your preferred choice. On the other hand, if you’re seeking for value for money then AGM Web Hosting is perfect option for you.

  • Flexibility
Himalayan host too offers flexibility but they possess very limited hosting packages to cater requirements for even low-tier users to large complex website owners. They usually make of use of plan solely based on their marketing strategy only rather than to offer good value to the customers at budgeted price.

  • Coupon Pages
No such coupon pages are available at Himalayan Host.

Key Take Aways:
When you are looking at these top two hosting companies for the first time, it can be overwhelming for you to decide which one is the best for you. So, we created this head-to-head comparative analysis of these hosting companies in the Nepal right now to help you decide better.

Himalayan Host vs AGM Web Hosting. Which one is the best hosting provider in Nepal? We think AGM Web Hosting is the best provider because:
  • AGM Web Hosting’s cheaper domain registration and web hosting plans.
  • AGM Web Hosting has received comparatively higher kudos for being beginner-friendly from its customers and with much lesser negative reviews.
  • AGM Web Hosting’s support is simply matchless, possibly the best and the fastest you will ever find at any web host in Nepal.


Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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