11 Tips To Get Rid of Bad Smell Inside Your House

There are various techniques to get rid of foul smell from your home but choosing the best one according to the situation matters. Exhaust fans and open windows can help us in taking away bad smell but sometimes we need something extra to get rid of bad odours.

Here, in this article, I am going to list down some tricks so that you do not have to run out of the room holding your nose due to foul smell. Whatever be the cause, implement the following tips and easily get rid of them:

1. Find Out The Main Source
First of all, try to figure out the main reason behind the bad odor. Just using air fresheners and fragrant candles are not going to fix the problem permanently. Track the smell and find out the direction from where it is coming.

There could be various reasons behind it such as mold in the corner of the room, an animal carcass in the chimney or something rotting inside the kitchen. If that source can be manually removed, do it immediately.

2. Use Activated Charcoal
Do you know that activated charcoal is porous? Therefore, it can easily absorb the bad smell and help you to get rid of the bad odor in your house. It is available in different forms and you can choose any one of them. Place it around your bin or dog house and observe the results.

3. Install Air-conditioner
Latest Air conditioning system can help you in eliminating bad odor from your home. Therefore, if you want to maintain temperature and reduce foul smell then you should consider ducted air conditioning Sydney installation at your home.

4. Clean Your Smelly Dishwasher
If you do not clean your dishwasher regularly then after some time you may observe food scraps and mold inside it.  That means your dishwasher will be stinky after some time.

Therefore, you should clean your dishwasher regularly. Clear out the food debris accumulated inside the washer, the sprayer arm ports and in the crevices of the door. Once this food debris is removed, fill your dishwasher with water and white vinegar solution and run a cycle with no dishes. This way you can get rid of foul smell from your dishwasher.

5. Stinky Washing Machines
If you do not maintain your washing machine then you will observe mold and mildew after some time, especially in the case of the front-load machine. The best way to get rid of bad odor from your washing machine is to clean it with 2 cups of bleach and hot water.

There is another option that is Affresh tablets. Use these tablets while running a washing cycle and kill the bad odor. Also, leave the machine door open for sometime after its use.

6. Sewer Smells
This kind of smell is not out of the ordinary. To get rid of this kind of smell, find out the main cause as it may generate due to trapped water under a floor drain, a clogged drain or even a cracked sewer line.

Remove the trapped water and close your door and windows. Also, install air conditioning Sydney at your home as it helps in maintaining temperature and eliminating bad odor from your home.

7. Bad Odor From Your Refrigerator
The best solution to get rid of refrigerator odor is an open box of baking soda. It is a scientific fact that Sodium bicarbonate absorbs the bad odor and eliminate from its surrounding space. Clean your fridge once in a week and avoid bad smell.

8.Smell From Your Dustbins
If your garbage inside the bins is producing foul smell the take a lemon and cut it into two pieces and run it through the disposal. It is a proven fact that citrus is good sources for eliminating the odor.  In addition to this, high-level acid inside the lemon also creates a non-favourable environment for harmful bacteria.

9. Food Smells From Kitchen
After sometime cooking smell trapped inside your kitchen walls, especially if you cook a lot of spicy and fried dishes. To get rid of this food smell from your kitchen, wash your cabinets and walls with warm water and detergent solution. Also, reduce odor after cooking food with the help of vinegar. Take a cup of vinegar and build it on the stove after cooking meals.

10. Bad Odor From Your Carpet
Carpets and rugs can attract dust, dirt and bad odor. If you have kids and pets in your house, then you know this fact very well. If you are looking for some techniques to get rid of urine smell then use one-part vinegar with three parts water.

Now, rub this solution on your carpet and with the white cloth and leave it for a few minutes. After some time, you will observe that there is no bad smell in your carpet.

11. Smoking Smell
Imagine that you have moved to your new house but it is smelling like an ashtray. An air freshener will not help you to get rid of this bad odor. If you want to eliminate this smell then wash and paint the walls. Even you have to clean out the home duct system. In this way, you can get rid of the bad smell.

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