How to Secure Cheap United Airlines Flight Tickets?

It is technically very easy to plan your desired trip, make reservations and buy air tickets. However, you may often have more charges than you think. Thanks to the economy-friendly airlines. There is no limit to which extra services they will charge for tickets with low fees.

According to the US transportation statistics office, in 2011, airlines earned a total of $ 3.3 billion for additional baggage charges alone. That sounds weird, doesn't it? In this article, we've put together the best tips you can save when buying airline tickets.

  • Book six weeks in advance
According to a study published by the Airlines Reporting Company, you can buy your ticket for the best prices six weeks before your trip. Prices are below average in this time period. So ensure that you plan your trip in advance and get out early for flight ticket hunting.

  • Use the 24 Hours rule
The next day after you receive your ticket, check to see if fees are reduced. If there is a decrease in prices the next day, visit the United Airlines Reservations Official site and cancel your ticket free of charge.

  • Make last-minute trips
Most airlines are in a hurry to fill seats as weekend flights approach. For this reason, it may reduce prices in recent days. Airlines typically send emails to registered users about the campaign that is available for next weekend on Tuesday. These types of campaigns are very affordable for those who usually go on Friday evening or Saturday and buy a return ticket Monday - Tuesday.

  • Take off on Wednesday
According to, the most economical domestic tickets are sold on Wednesdays. According to the news on the website “The day you have the emptiest seat allows you to get a more comfortable service. At the same time, it is highly possible for companies wishing to fill the seats to continue their discounts.”

  • Use rewards programs
Become an elite card by participating in the flight rewards program of your frequent airline. Alternatively, you can use a credit card linked to flight schedules. This way, you can be one step ahead of regular customers. For example, those who have Elite or higher status on flight site earn 10% extra points from the transactions of the friend they invite. Elite + and Premium status makes more points while accumulating Crane Points.

  • Use Twitter and Facebook
According to the AP's report, airlines can create a bomb effect on social media with great offers. But you have to be really fast about it. Some offers may end in just a few hours. If you have found a very suitable offer, do not miss it! Some airline companies can announce special deals only to Facebook followers. If you are fond of travel, follow the airline's social media accounts to be notified early on flight ticket campaigns.

  • Fly with two different airlines
Sometimes using different tickets together can contribute to your budget. Now Call United Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-800-518-9067 offer very reasonable prices even on one-way tickets. In this way, you can get your return from one company, your return from another, and make a total price gain. You can even contribute to your budget by using different airports for your departure and return.

  • Fly early
According to research, the first flights in the morning are mostly the cheapest. The next cheap flights are lunch or dinner times. Early morning is the best time to see the best deals. Nevertheless, some airlines may disclose discounts during the day.

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