Lesser known Korean Skin Care Secrets

Everyone is talking about Korean beauty and skincare nowadays. You may find lots of articles related to Korean skincare over the internet. Well, if you are thinking about why there is so much fuss about Korean skincare, then we would like to enlighten you on this topic.

Korean beauty is famous worldwide because people of Korea take special care of their skins from their childhood. These people are more devoted to skincare than any people of any other country because of which they have flawless skin. Skincare is an important part of life not only for women but also for men in Korea.

They don’t have any specialised products, but they have unique methods of taking care of their skin; which in turn save them from all the skin problems and provide them with a natural glow.

Well, you can do a lot more than envying from the skin of the Korean people. Yes, you can also get skin like them by knowing their skincare secrets. If the beauty of your skin is your priority, then read on to know more about Korean skincare secrets:

1. Follow the 4-2-4 Routine:
The first secret of Korean people is the 4-2-4 technique. In this technique, you have to first cleanse your face with a cleansing oil for 4 minutes, then massage it with a foaming face wash for about 2 minutes, and finally, you have to rinse it off first with lukewarm water and then with cold water for 2 minutes.

This technique is very helpful in cleansing your face and closing all the open pores. So, you have to follow this technique daily.

2. Take Steam Massage in the Shower:
The next thing which Korean people do is the steam massage. It is a very simple process, and you can do it daily while taking a bath. Take a bucket full of hot water and feel its steam on your face for a while. Move your fingers on your face in circular motions and also tap in rotating motions.

Start this process from your forehead, and then find your way to cheeks and jawbones. Massaging in the steam increases blood circulation and also helps in achieving a dewy complexion. You can also use oil cleanser for maximising the hydration.

3. Moisturise your Skin in Korean Style:
We know that you may be using moisturiser regularly for your skincare, but the method which Korean people follow to apply moisturiser is quite different from us. Instead of slapping moisturiser on their face like others, they take a few drops of it on the fingertips and rub it for a few seconds to warm it. After doing this, they apply it on their face in a downward direction.

4. Try Facemasks:
Facemasks are an essential part of the regular beauty regime of the Korean people. Korean products usually use silkworm cocoon powder for whitening the skin. They use this same ingredient in the facemasks as well. If you won’t find such facemasks in your city, then you can also use home-made facemasks.

Make a mixture of egg white; and honey. Apply it on your face once in a week to see the results. Along with this, you can also use a charcoal sheet face mask. Korean people use charcoal-based facemasks as charcoal detoxes and exfoliate your skin.

5. Exercise your Facial Muscles:
Exercising your muscles is as important as the other tricks to prevent your skin from sagging. The women of Korea use a special chant to stretch their cheek muscles regularly. They chant “Ma Me Mi Mo Mu” ten times in a day for this.

They also try many other exercises and take deep breaths to keep their skin healthy. To stretch your face muscles, you can say A-E-I-O-U exaggeratedly. Repeat this exercise three times daily to see the effects.

6. Apply a Facial Essence:
Korean people seal the goodness of their daily cleansing by applying a facial essence after it. If you don’t know anything about essences, then for your information, essences are skin nutrient-filled solutions that hydrate your skin. These are mild and usually used after cleansing.

Don’t confuse these with toners. You can invest in essences if you want a hydrating and glowing skin. You can also add a serum after it for maximum elasticity.

7. Use a Lip Tint or Oil on your Lips:
Our skin looks more beautiful when we enhance the colour and shine of our lips. You can try lip tint or oils for attaining maximum smoothness and natural colour. These lip oils are rich in nutrients and slide like butter on your lips without having any sticky effect. You can try the one by Julep. It has a fusion of Korean Camellia oil, avocado and rosehip oils.

8. Drink Barley Tea:
If you have ever gone to a Korean restaurant, then you must have seen barley tea on their menu. Yes, it is a very popular drink in Korea, and Korean people give this tea to everyone since childhood to fortify the skin and overall health.

Drinking barley tea is beneficial for your health. It improves your blood circulation and is rich in anti-oxidants. It is also used as a weight-loss drink. So, if you are trying to find the solution for weight loss and skin, then you can kill two birds with this one tea.

9. Use Overnight Sleeping Masks:
Our skin performs the toughest part of cell recovery at night. This is the best time to provide moisture to your skin and work on your complexion. This task can be performed by overnight sleeping masks. Sleeping masks can also correct any face dullness so; you should use them.

Try all these tricks and you will surely get flawless skin just like the Korean people. Remember that, your skin needs lots of time to get that radiant Korean skin so; be patient while doing all the efforts.

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