Prospective Entrepreneurs Can Learn A Lot From Jeffrey Skoll’s Success At eBay

We all know that being an entrepreneur is not easy even if you belong to a well-developed nation like Canada. Otherwise, virtually everyone living in the US, Canada and most of the European Union would turn out as excellent and bona-fide successful entrepreneurs. It is the skills that really count and that’s where Jeffrey Skoll was really good at.

Jeffrey Skoll is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Canada and was previously associated with eBay. He was instrumental in making eBay’s status as a leading Auction site and then as an ecommerce powerhouse. There are a number of reasons for his success at eBay and then as a noted entrepreneur, especially in the field of IT, motion pictures and documentaries. If you think that all this has come easy, you need to think again as this has taken him years to reach where he is now.

Let me offer you why Skoll is regarded as one of the all-time great Canadian entrepreneurs and his secret of success, not just at eBay but also in virtually all the fields he ventured.

Skoll’s Success at eBay was not a Fluke
Many people argue and it is a fact too that when Jeffrey Skoll was appointed at eBay as its first full-time employee and President, the company was already making profit. In fact, in 1996, eBay was widely regarded as one of the most famous auctions sites and most people looking to buy or sell anything thought of it as the go-to site for this purpose. That’s one reason why people argue here but you can term it rather being at the right place at the right time but for this scenario too work in your favor, you need to be really exquisite in your approach and make sure you grab all the opportunities that come your way.

Let’s examine this here in a bit detail here.
Skoll was instrumental in making eBay really took off and become a big ecommerce venture and break the shackles and being labelled as just an auction site. In fact, its initial name was AuctionWeb and changed later to eBay. Skoll’s first task was to create a business plan for eBay which can make it progress further on the virtual world and make it a force to reckon it for a long time to come. And he delivered exactly that.

Jeffrey Skoll came up with a taut business plan which was used by eBay for several years, even after his departure in 1998. There are a number of reasons for his insane success at eBay as he is still credited for making eBay a great company even though he left it just after 2 years. But his contribution to it was great. There are many things that you need to consider here and can be termed as how to make it big in the market. Hard work and commitment are always required but the industry knowledge and correctly predicting what will come next will make things work for you as an entrepreneur.

What you can Learn from Skoll’s Success?
As I just mentioned above, there are many things that I can term here as critical here, but you need to be on your toes especially dealing with what’s going on in the marketplace. For example, if you are trying to launch a fizzy, carbonated drink, summer is a good time to do it. But see if the marketplace where you want to launch it, like Toronto, is too saturated. Then you need to think of a suburb or nearby city like Hamilton or Oakville and launch it there. You can expand your operations later in Toronto.

The ploy or tactic that I just mentioned is just an example and there are many others so that you can have a great future ahead. There are endless possibilities in Toronto as it is the hub of all the economic and business activities in Canada. If you think that you can venture in the ever-expanding IT market like android app development or any other gadget you think that can take the market by storm, you can easily do so.

Final Word
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