Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Love is such an emotion which has to capability to make one’s life a paradise or a living hell on the other hand. These days, we come across much news and case related to an abusive relationship, which compels us to contemplate the relation we are engaged in. These days’ women especially misunderstand the intoxicating and abusive relationship a happy and healthy relationship. This has happened mainly because girls are made to believe that a rowdy and angry man will make up a god lover and not the one who is loving and hardworking. If you suspect your partners’ toxic behavior is because of another person, you can even hire a private detective. An investigator will help you find out the exact reason of the problem with proof to support the same.

Today, in this blog we will help our readers detect the signs of an abusive relationship if any and improve the life they are living:

1. Love-Bombing
It is quite obvious that in a new relationship, both the partners are overtly passionate about each other and their feelings. However, if you find yourself in a position where your partner is showering you’re with extra love and care, bringing your expensive presents, then it can be a sign of warning. We understand that expressing extra love cannot be considered as the sign of an abusive relationship. However, one should be very vigilant upon the actions and behavior of your partner because too much sugar can also be harmful.

2. Monitoring
If you find yourself being bombarded with questions by your partner, then this is one of the most common signs of an abusive relationship. Asking and knowing the whereabouts of your partner I considered being healthy if it is within the limits. Questions such as where are you, when will you come back home, whom are you chatting with, what is the password of your social media accounts, who was that person you just met, etc clearly states that your partner is trying to monitor you and your activities in every possible space and also trying the shrink your personal space.

3. He/she is always acting arrogant and rude in front of your friends and family members
It is very important to observe how your partner behaves in front of your family and friends. Doing this will give you a clear idea about what he thinks about the people who matter to you and help you decide the type of relationship you are in. If you find your partner being rude, fuzzy, clingy or always in rush at the time of outings and gatherings with your friends, then it clearly states that you are into an abusive relationship, which may worsen with time.

4. Extreme possessiveness
Showcasing a minimal amount of possessiveness towards your partner is considered healthy in every relationship. However, when this bar of possessiveness exceeds the respectable limit then the situation becomes worse and alarming. Therefore, you should always learn to draw a line between respect and love. If you are in a relationship, where your partner is extremely possessive and you do not know what t do about it, then it is advised to share the same with professionals or an adult you trust.

5. Do you always require permissions to do things?
It is okay to consider what your partner will think of any action you do. However, if you find yourself seeking permission for every action, then it is not right. This indicates the dominating and controlling nature of your partner.

6. Hot/Cold
There will be times when an abusive person may turn hot or cold anytime. You may witness a sudden switch in his/her behaviour physically and mentally. This is one of the most commonly noted signs of being in a relationship with the abuser.

7. Are your health and well being affected by being the relationship?
Every relationship has its share of ups and downs. There will be days when you will be extremely happy and sometimes sad. But, if you find yourself dealing with prolonged stress which is also affecting your personal as well as professional lives, then it is a sign f abusive relationship. It is always better to step out the form it.

8. The violence of any kind
Being a victim to any kind of violence is considered to be the greater sinner than the one who is sinning. If anytime in a relationship you have faced violence in terms of emotional, physical or mental, then you should give a second thought to your relationship.

9. Extreme jealous behavior
When it comes to the feeling of jealousy, it is said that little jealousy is healthy for the relationship. However, when the same has turned into big obsessions, then the problem arises. It is common for women to treat extreme jealousy as a symbol of immense love, but it is not. Rather is a trait of an abuser.

10. You are restricted with limitation and boundaries
Last but not least, if you are finding yourself stuck amidst such restrictions and limitations, and then it is a sign that you are engaged in n abusive relationship. If your partner is also trying to keep you away from your friends and family, then you should immediately step-out of such a toxic relationship.

Final words
After reading the 10 sign of being into an abusive relationship, it can be summed up that it is always better to leave the abusing and bad relationship behind and start one’s own life from a new phase with high spirits and happiness in the heart. If you ever feel that you need professional t control your situation from getting worse, then always reach out. There are many different and trusted legal organizations which have experienced professionals to help you through tough times of life.  If you are still not aware about the cons f staying in an abusive relationship then, we would like to inform you that you can fall prey to serious digression, migraine and various other complicated health problems. The possibility of heart attack can also increase if the person is not leading a happy life.  Therefore, always seek professional help at the time of emotional difficulties. And struggles in life related to anything.

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