Best Trekking Experiences in Ladakh

Trekking in Ladakh is the dream of every trekker and travel enthusiast. The experience of trekking in this amazing destination is truly fascinating and thrilling. Ladakh holds some of the best natural wonders ranging from deep blue lakes to lofty mountains, frozen passes and quaint monasteries. Trekking gives people a chance to enjoy the closest views of each of these natural blessings!

Due to all this, Ladakh is a true heaven for trekkers, and it offers a myriad of trekking opportunities to the travellers. Whether you are a novice trekker or a pro, Ladakh has got some awesome trekking routes for you! The difficulty level of these treks might differ, but the magical element of natural beauty is present in each of these!

So, if you are a nature admirer or an adventure enthusiast, then you must embark on any of these amazing treks in Ladakh. For your convenience, we have brought all the information regarding the best treks of Ladakh together. So, just keep reading on:

Most Challenging Treks – for Pros:
First of all, let’s know about the most challenging and picturesque treks of Ladakh. These require good trekking skills and experience.

1. The Chadar Trek:
Chadar trek is one of the most thrilling and bone-chilling treks of Ladakh. Your bones will not only be metaphorically chilled but literally also at a temperature of -35 degrees Celsius. This is a 9-day long trek in which you have to go at an altitude of 3,850 metres.

You are going to trek on a thick sheet of ice, basically a frozen river, in Chadar Trek. The famous Zanskar River freezes in the winters, and then it becomes a trekking destination for pro trekkers. The Trek is surely challenging, but you will see the best-frozen views of your entire life during this journey!

2. Jhunglam Hemis to Padum Trek:
If trekking is your passion and you have kept lots of time for this activity, then this trek is definitely meant for you! This is a comparatively longer trek with 12 days duration, and it takes place at an altitude of 5,200 metres. Leh Ladakh Tourism also covers all the adventure activities like paragliding, trekking etc. in their tour packages.

You will pass through the beautiful monastery of Hemis and Latza Kongmaru. Later, you will also go through places like Zalung Karpo La, Tilat Sumdo and Zangla Sumdo. Your trekking journey will finally come to a halt at Padum. You need lots of strength and skills to try this difficult terrain trek.

3. Snow Leopard Trek:
If rough terrain treks are your thing, then you should add the Snow Leopard Trek in your trekking bucket list. This is an 8-day trek that starts and ends at Leh in the basecamp located in Zingchen.

As its name suggests, it is a winter trek in which you are going to hike at an amazing altitude of 3,000 metres. You will get the chance to walk on the frozen paths, see the vibrant flora and fauna and get glimpses of Snow Leopards. The sights of snow-covered Himalayas will never let you blink!

Moderate Treks – For Average Experience Trekkers:
If you have some experience of trekking, then you should try these treks. They will help in honing your trekking skills, along with providing pleasures.

4. Markha Valley Trek:
If you want to try a moderate trek in the summer months, then you should choose Markha Valley Trek. The duration of this trek is 8 days, and the height of trekking is 3,700 metres. The views are totally spellbinding, and the green oasis around this region will steal your heart!

As you will ascend higher, you will reach the Kongmaru La Pass; which is a truly scenic pass with an altitude of 5,000 metres. You can savour the stunning views of Kang Yatze Peak, Rumbak Village, Markha Village and Leh Palace during this trek. 

5. Lamayuru to Stok Kangri:
The trek to Stok Kangri Summit is one of the most famous treks of Ladakh which is usually undertaken by mediocre as well as expert trekkers. It is a 12-day long trek in which you have to hike at the altitude of 6,150 metres.

This trek offers heavenly vistas of Stok Summit and Karakoram Peaks. Along with it, the awesome views of Himalayas soothe the trekkers’ mind and soul. You will pass through several local villages and the famous Hemis National Park while undertaking this trek.

Easy Treks – For the Novice Trekkers:
People who have just started trekking and going on their very first trek should try these easy level treks in the beginning. You will get to know the basics of trekking along with seeing the beautiful landscapes through these treks.

6. Lamayuru to Alchi Trek:
This is a short duration trek in which you will get the chance to interact with the inhabitants of villages of Ladakh and see some of the most stunning monasteries on the way. The duration of the trek is 5 days, and you will be hiking at the height of 5,200 metres.

You can meet the Indo-Tibetan people and get to know their distinct lifestyle during this trek. The main attractions that you will find during the trek are Lamayuru Monastery, Alchi Monastery, Indus River, Ursi Village and Sham Valley.

7. Ripchar Valley Trek:
Ripchar Valley Trek is one of the most famous treks among normal travellers. This trek offers magnificent views of the mountainous landscapes; which works as candy to the eyes! It is a 9-day journey that begins at the Lamayuru Monastery.

With an altitude of 4,300 metres, this whole trekking trail is dotted with blooming pastures and many small villages. The trekkers get to see verdant flower valleys and crop fields during the trek. The trekkers also get to see the gorgeous Himalayan mountain ranges including Zanskar and Karakoram.

So, choose the trek as per your strength, stamina and experience to feel the joy of trekking at Ladakh. You are going to have a fun-filled experience; no matter which treks you choose!

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