Dealing with dry eyes most effectively

Dry eyes are a common condition that can be caused by a number of reasons. Eyes often become dry when tears no longer provide the necessary moisture to keep them lubricated and working normally. This is often attributed to insufficient tear production which irritates the cornea and causes dryness and strain on the eyes.  Along with this, working too long on computer or watching TV for long hours, being outside on a windy day or long-term use of certainmedication can lead to dry eyes and burning sensation which can become uncomfortable.

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the body and ensure clear and easyvision at all times so it is essential to look after them and seek treatment in case of any problem which can lead to complications. The good thing is that there is avariety of medications, specifically eye drops that provide much needed quick relief. However, it is important to consult an ophthalmologist or an eye specialist who can check out the eye carefully, determine the causes of dryness and recommend the best treatment to cure this condition.

Mentioned here are effective means of dealing with dry eyes most effectively depending on the causes and symptoms of dryness:

There are three main types of eye drops available easily in the drug store. They include:

  • Artificial tears
Artificial tears keep the surface of the eyes moist and comfortable.  They contain lubricants and electrolytes along with guar gum and preservative to heal the dry surface of the eye and keep it well lubricated for better results.  They work best in case of itchy, watery, red eyes that result from being near pets, pollen, moulds and other such allergens.

  • Allergy drops
Allergy drops provide relief from itchy, watery and red eyes that result from common allergens like pollen, moulds and dust. The main ingredient in allergy drops is antihistamine which helps to prevent allergic reaction which also leads to runny nose, itchy eyes and overall feeling of being down. They are a good choice in case of extremely dry eyes which result as a reaction to some allergic reaction and provide respite from the burning sensation.

  • Anti-redness drops
Also known as decongestant drops, these anti-redness drops help to get rid of the redness in the eye. However, it is essential to use them carefully as prolonged usage can further irritate the eyes and increase the redness. It is essential to know that too much use of anti-redness drops can cause dependence so it is best to observe caution to avoid further complications.  These drops contain vasoconstrictor, an ingredient that shrinks the blood vessels on the surface of the eyes which relieves redness.

Finding the best eye drops for dry eyes depends on what is causing the condition; it is best to first investigate the reason behind this condition and then choose the drops accordingly to get maximum benefit.Getting the eyes checked annually to get the right treatment for clear vision will help to enjoy healthy eyes for a long time.

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