Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In India for Couples

No one loves to walk around, dear friends do not get around if they are not traveling, and there are some excitement that is aimed at walking alone. Meeting new people and relentless isolation makes them perfect. However, almost all people have secretly kept dreaming, holding hands in the hands of a loved one and going to the most beautiful place to see him.

There are several popular honeymoon destinations in the country as a travel destination for couples. Whether it's the newly married couple's honeymoon or traveling to spend a long time getting married, these pair of destinations at a low cost match!

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations for the pairs:

So look for the top ten honeymoon destinations in India for the pairs!

Ranthambore State Park, Rajasthan:
Safari in this national park will be memorable for any pair. There are a good number of tigers here.  It is an ideal place for wildlife lovers.

  • Shillong, Meghalaya:
This place is called the Scott of the East. The kingdoms of clouds, hills and fountains can romanticize even the most difficult life.

  • Sikkim:
It is possible to make only one Sikkim by mixing all the flavors of Tibet, India and Bhutan. The snow-covered mountain peaks, clear water lakes, and all the temples of ancient Sikkim are one of the tourist attractions. The twins will experience here another kind of spiritual might, which is not available in other places.

  • Darjeeling:
Darjeeling has always been well-known as a destination for honeymoon celebrations or travel for couples. The hill town of West Bengal is called Queen of Beauty but it will not be exaggerated.

  • Coorg, Karnataka:
Karnataka is one of the best known as hill station. The city, which is 5 feet high above sea level, is also called Kashmir in the south for its beauty.

  • Andaman Islands:
Currently, it is almost at the peak of popularity in India as a honeymoon destination. There is a vast sunshine here in the Andaman Sea, along with the opportunity to see history and all the water sports such as diving, snorkeling. Andaman can be an ideal option for those who cannot travel to Indonesia or the Maldives due to lack of money or time.

  • Munnar:
Indians think that this green land adjacent to Kerala is built by God himself. You can see the tea gardens here, the cloud game, and the famous milkweed fruits and worms on your way here.

  • Kashmir:
There is probably nothing new to say about Kashmir. Land of Paradise This place occupies the top of the bucket list for many couples.

  • Kanyakumari:
The Great Jays called Pink Man Kanyakumari a beach of educated people. Here you will find both mountains and sea. The mountains around Kanyakumari, and the mountains are surrounded by the sea. So if you go here, you will experience both.

  • Kadmat Beach, Lakshadweep:
Lakshadweep is one of the most secluded and most beautiful beaches in India. The Arabian Sea may not have all the luxuries of luxury in the Arabian Sea with the same beauty of Maldives, but the island has the beauty of mind that will love those who love nature.

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