Eat Right to make your teeth right

Healthy diet and Nutritious food is a good source of energy as well as protection guard from many diseases. Your food habits affect your oral health a lot. If you eat healthy then your teeth will be healthy for sure. Kids and adults need to take care of their food if they do not want to spend money on dental treatments. The increase rate of cavities is due to the improper eating of food. Kids prefer fast food over nutritious meal. And the outcome of this habit is cavities, swollen gums and other dental problems. Adults too are facing such condition due to their wrong eating habits. In this article we will discuss about the eating habits and foods which are good and bad for your dental health.

Dental care is an important procedure for getting healthy teeth. People tend to avoid their dental health and results in getting tooth decay or other problems. Studies have concluded that a person who eats healthy meal has fewer chances to get dentals problems than the person who take Unhealthy food. Your diet must include all kind of elements and nutrition. The essential nutrients are listed by the experts and here we are sharing them.

  • Good Food for your Teeth
People always want healthy smile and clean teeth. Well, cleaning teeth is not sufficient for healthy teeth. You will need to focus on proper diet to avoid any kind of harm to your teeth. The food products with their nutritious element listed here.
  1. Calcium Rich Foods- The products which are rich in calcium like Yogurt, Fat-Free Milk, Almonds, Soy Drink, Tofu, and Canned Salmon are best for getting strong teeth and bones.
  2. Fruits- Kiwi, Oranges, Apples, Lime, Banana, and Strawberries are rich source of Vitamins, and Minerals. These elements help in teeth growth.
  3. Vegetables- Green leafy vegetables, Carrots, Green beans are the best food to clean the teeth. When you eat these vegetable they act like cleanser and creates more saliva.
  4. Dairy products- The dairy products like cheese, milk and Yogurt considered as best source for calcium and protein.
  5. Phosphorus- It is found in eggs Fish, Nuts, and beans. It is good for strong teeth.
  6. Vitamin C is good for gums and food richer in this element promotes dental health. The example of Vitamin c rich foods are Tomatoes, peppers, Citrus Fruits, Potatoes and Spinach.
Apart from taking the good quality and nutritious foods, one must adopt healthy habits. Eating your food in a proper manner also promotes healthy teeth. Also avoid eating between your meals as it has high tendency to build germs on your teeth. The acid attacks on your teeth also increase with the chunks you eat between meals. Make sure that you are eating healthy snacks too for your munching. The candies and other sugary products will harm your teeth for sure. You can opt for healthy snacks like fruits, Yogurt, popcorn and raw vegetables. You must take care of the foods you should not eat.

  • Adopt Good eating habits
Fruits and vegetable stimulates the saliva and reduces acid attacks on your teeth. Chew sugar-free gum after every meal. It will prevent tooth decay and improve your oral health. Drinking water with meal or after that is suitable for your teeth. And if you use Fluoridated water to clean your teeth then it is boon for you. Fluoride helps in minimizing the risk of tooth decay by reducing acid level in mouth.

If you have any dental problem then visits your dentist. People used to try home remedies to get rid of problems. But it is better for them to have complete checkup at the dentist.

  • Bad eating Habits to avoid
Many eating habits are bad for your health. Avoiding these habits will save you from number of diseases. Some bad eating habits are affecting the teeth enamel and oral health. You must avoid the food which is culprit for your oral health. Some of them are given here-
  1. Sugary beverages like Cold drinks, Soda, fruit drink, energy drinks and sweetened tea or coffee are some of the bad beverages having worst impact on your dental health. These beverages if sipped for long time can create severe teeth problems like Plaque, and swollen gums.
  2. Candies and sweets are also culprit for dental problems.
  3. Junk Food like Pizzas, Burger and others are also responsible for tooth decay.
Moreover if you do not clean your teeth after having meal then the condition of your dental problem will become worse. Try to avoid snacks between your meals. teenagers like Sticky and crispy food. But this obsession is making them a patient of dental problems.

Many dental problems and their treatments require certain kind of diet. If a patient is undergoing Orthodontic treatments then Sticky and chewy foods must be avoided. Dry mouth Patents should not smoke or take alcohol. And the person with Mouth Ulcers is suggested to not eat hard, crispy and spicy food.

A healthy diet is a necessary part of our dental care. Cleaning your teeth and flossing plays a vital role in oral health but a proper diet adds more value to it. If you take proper and healthy diet then you will secure yourself form many health issues including dental problems. In this article, the bad and good food habits discussed. Also you can keep this information in your mind. It will help you in marinating the health of your teeth. Next time, when you take Sugary drinks or foods then think twice about the consequences of your act.

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