9 Latest Driveway Cleaning Tips

Driveways create the first impression of our place. Therefore, It is advisable to remove dirt and stains from the driveway as soon as you notice them.

However, most homeowners wait for the summer or spring months to power or pressure wash the driveway simply because algae and moss are more visible.

It is also important to choose a cloudy day for the washing to prevent quick-drying, which can compromise the cleaning effectiveness.

Or, in case you observe any crack or pothole on the road then take the help of professionals and immediately fix the issues.

It should take you about 1 to 2 hours or an afternoon depending on the size of the space. read the tips below:

1. Prepare the cleaning tools and equipment
For the best result, you will need to be armed with various driveway cleaning tools. You may require the following:
  • Sawdust or kitty litter – absorbent.
  • A quality scrub brush – grill brush.

2. Removing grease or antifreeze spill stains
Brake fluid, oil and gasoline spills from your car can compromise the attractiveness of your driveway. It is therefore important to remove them promptly to prevent ugly staining of the surface.

To clean the grease and oil mess, scatter your absorbent of choice on the stains and leave it for a couple of hours to absorb as much of the oil or grease as possible.

You can use sawdust or kitty litter, spreading about a 2-inch layer of the absorbent. If possible, you may leave it for 12 to 24 hours to absorb much of the spill.

3. Sweeping off the absorbent and other litter off the driveway
Collect the sawdust or kitty litter and sweep the entire driveway to remove any loose dirt such as dry leaves, soil particles, mud, and other debris.
Use a strong stiff-bristled broom meant for outdoor works to ensure all the debris and dirt has been removed from the block gaps of cracks.

4. Use the detergent to soak and dissolve the stain
You can either use the powder dishing washing detergent over the stain or a solution of washing soda and hot water. The recommended solution ratio is 2 cups of the detergent in a three-quarter full bucket of hot water.

If your driveway is made of asphalt, it is advisable to strictly use expert-recommended detergents. Allow the detergent to sit for approximately 30 minutes, and then scrub the stained areas using the deck brush and the detergent solution.

Finally, use a hosepipe at the highest possible pressure to rinse the driveway with clean water. This way you will get the clean and shinning driveway in front of your house.

5. Cleaning paint spills
Spilling paint on the driveway can leave unattractive patches that can become a headache to remove. These patches just do not make your driveway displeasing but also leave harmful impacts on the asphalt.

Depending on the type of paint, you can easily remove the patches in the following ways:

For oil-based paints, you will need to use a paint-stripping solution and scrub it off with a stiff brush. Allow it to sit for some time before rinsing with clean water.

This is only recommended for concrete driveways as the stripping products may damage the asphalt material. In such a case you can use a sealer to cover the affected area. The sealer will not just cover that area but also let your road shining always.

6. Immediately fix the cracks and potholes
If you observe any crack or pothole in your driveway then immediately call the professionals who can immediately fix them and let your driveway in good condition always.

If you are living in Sydney then find out the best contractor in your area who offers Sydney asphalt repairs services.

7. Removing rust stains
Leaving any rust-prone metallic object overnight on the driveway will form rusty spots on the surface. The most effective way to clean rust on your driveway is to use muriatic acid to scrub off the rusty spots.

Carefully add a half-cup of the acid into approximately 4 cups of cold water. Use the solution and a stiff brush to scrub off the stains.

It is important to follow the products safety precaution and use protective gears to prevent acid contact with your skin.

8. Pressure washing the driveway
You can effectively remove dirt, mud, mildew and other debris that makes your driveway look unattractive by pressure washing.

It is advisable to read the pressure cleaner manual first to understand the best detergent for your specific models.

Then take a garden hose and clean your driveway with detergent and water solution. This way you will have a shining road.

9. Cleaning dry leaves and organic litter
Grass from the lawn and falling leaves can accumulate on the driveway making it look unattractive. Besides, when left for long, they decompose leaving a temporary stain on the surface.

To clean the fallen leaves mess, you need to rake them away and sweep the entire driveway. Otherwise, these leaves will leave the displeasing marks.

Your driveway will leave the first impression on the visitors. Therefore, you should maintain it in good condition always.

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