Top Tips For A Hassle-Free Wedding

You want your wedding to be a special and magical day - but as any bride or groom will tell you there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Luckily, they’re easy to avoid - just follow our tips for a hassle-free occasion!

  • Plan for every eventuality
According to Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong, will go wrong. And that’s a good motto to take into your wedding day. Of course, we’re not suggesting that everything will be a disaster, but if you’re prepared for things like bad weather, dress emergencies and bickering guests, it will be much easier for you to find a solution. So make sure that there are umbrellas on hand, pick up your outfit well in advance, and assign someone to act as a peacemaker in case any arguments break out. Also, spend time identifying any other potential pitfalls, and try to put solutions in place before they occur.

  • Choose a reliable wedding car hire company
If your wedding car is late, your entire schedule will be out of whack - not to mention the stress of leaving a bride or groom waiting alone at the altar! So make sure that everything goes smoothly by choosing a service that won’t let you down. Don’t have any personal recommendations to rely on? Search “wedding car hire near me” in Google to get a good overview of all the local options, then use an independent review site to find out which are the most trusted.

  • Keep your guests happy
Your guests are a vital part of your wedding, so keeping them fed and happy is essential to a stress-free day. In most cases, alcohol will be flowing too - so keep everyone smiling by making sure that there are plenty of snacks to line their stomachs. And even though they might seem outdated, seat plans can be really useful too, keeping guests who might have any conflict between them away from each other for much of the celebration.

  • Go with the flow
Finally, the most important thing is the ability to go with the flow. Because so many brides and grooms have been dreaming of their big day forever, they can get frustrated and upset when things inevitably don’t go quite to plan. But if you can, try to be relaxed about your schedule and remember that the most important thing is a special day with your loved ones - it will make for a far more relaxing and happy experience!

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