Trade Show Giveaways to Capture the Attention of Your Audiences

From Lean Business Plans to developing a data-based ( culture and taking charge so that your stakeholders are thoroughly engaged, there are a lot of things businesses are trying nowadays to remain fresh and relevant in order to keep up with the current times and trends. That is why in this post we would like to offer you some great aspects through which you can not only create awareness about your brands but also build allure for your overall business’ image to attract more attention from your audiences. However, today we would like to offer you suggestions primarily focusing on trade show giveaways that have been consistent in displaying a strong influence that not only touches your customers’ lifestyles profoundly but also leaves them with an everlasting impact that ultimately moves them on how they view your business. So let’s take a look at each one of them:

  • Putting Your Label on Top
There is a lot of thought that goes into creating a final list of tradeshow giveaway items. You need to focus on your targeted audience to realize what their preferences are and which product would make them love you the most. However, the icing on the cake for that is that it allows your brand and business name to be clearly mentioned. So whenever somebody uses them they instantly reflect back to your corporation and this helps in retaining your business image in the minds of consumers and customers alike. You can give these promotional items to all of your stakeholders, including business partners as well as suppliers, vendors, and affiliates.

  • Pleasing Audiences While Maintaining Profitability
If you are of the mind that promotional giveaways are a thing of the past then think again as we have statistics to show that they are here to stay and remain a star item to get your word and message across.

  1. They are not only memorable, compelling, but also favorite amongst the masses. 88% of people claim that they are more memorable than advertisements, they increase the chances of getting new customers by 83%, and 70% of all brands and businesses consider it as the perfect way to reach goals and objectives.
  2. Promotional items are used and kept for almost a year by 81% of all customers. Around 80% of people claim that they have a promotional item at their homes or offices.  They leave a positive impression on as much as 83% of your targeted audiences.
  3. Promotional products also help you in making sales. Around 20.9% of consumers made a purchase after receiving a promotional product. 52.5% of consumers have a favorable impression of the advertiser after getting a promotional item. 74% of all promotional items end up in the office while 43.9% of consumers think they are the most influential in making people take a decision.

  • Nurturing Your Business’ Network
Tradeshows and expos are a great way to get out of the pond and have a look around regarding what the world has been up to. Not only do they give you a ton of ideas to play with in the future but they also bring you closer towards the cutting edge technology and the state of the art tech that is not even been released in the market. However, the real takeaway over here is to understand the tremendous potential to grow your business network and see it grow in front of your eyes at an exponential rate. Nearly 12.8 billion USD is generated in revenues due to trade shows. In 2017 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) held a show which was attended by 162,756 guests. Furthermore on an average a person visiting a trade show spends around 5.5 hours. 81% of all attendees have buying authority, and 92% of them are mostly interested in what services and products you have to offer. Hence you don’t only meet possible future prospects but also vendors, suppliers, and other industry-related businesses with whom you can develop long-term relationships to expand the scope of your business.

We hope this post was able to identify how you can use promotional trade show giveaways to create terrific future benefits for your business. For more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comment section below.

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