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Online commerce grows day by day. Internet shopping spikes occur on designated days such as Single Day or Black Friday. In this list we present some of the best to buy Beauty Products from Japan Online websites with free shipping, to buy mobiles, tablets, electronic components and computer accessories. Buy carefully and remember that imitations are cheap, but not always worth it. Tanakasan has all the genuine products in their catalogs at the best price.

One of the advantages of the Internet is that it makes the world a great bazaar within the reach of a couple of clicks. It is not a metaphor. You can literally buy online at stores in any country in the world.

Until just two or three years ago buying directly in Japan was unthinkable. The Japanese websites had an outdated design, they were not secure, customs and uncertain shipments had to be faced and, above all. they were in Japanese.

All of that is already part of the past. If you buy on websites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest , and other Chinese and Japanese technology stores that we are going to show you here, at Tanakasan Shop you can buy Watches From Online Auction In Japan in English, with secure payment systems, shipping tracking, and free shipping.

Most of these stores allow you to pay by credit card or Pay Pal (if this option is available, it is preferable for your greater security). They send free by standard mail so orders take between 10 and 30 days, although some stores have payment delivery options that reduce the term to one week. The most important stores guarantee 60 days of the repayment term. If something does not arrive you can claim to have it sent again for free, or your money back.

Customs is not usually a problem either since they ship directly from Japan if the product is of little value (which does not pass through customs) or first import it on their own to their warehouses in Europe and send it to you from there, where they already There are no customs. However, it is convenient to place low-value orders or by regular mail, to reduce the likelihood of being intercepted in customs and having to pay a tax.

The great advantage of Chinese and Japanese technology stores is that prices are much cheaper than in local stores, and they have many products that are not sold in the USA, or here they are much more expensive.


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The Tanakasan website is an online store of Japanese nationality dedicated to the sale of accessories and various items (computers, MP3, electronics, smartphones, etc.). One of its strengths is the wide variety of technological products at low cost, although their shipping times may take too long, exceeding 20 days. But web design, quite "Simple" for the times.

Online since 2007, it has accumulated more than 20,000 items but has recently reduced its catalog, focusing on flashlights, LED lights, batteries, chargers, and electronic products such as cameras, cell phone accessories, cables, gadgets, etc.

Accept payments by PayPal and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Shipments are free by standard mail.

In Tanakasan, you will not find smartphones or tablets, or other sophisticated products, but if you are looking for all kinds of devices with LEDs, accessories, gadgets and electronic components dresses, toys, it is a good option to get them at a good price.

On the Internet since 2006, Ever buying boasts a catalog of more than 250,000 products focused on technology, with some exceptions such as the clothing, toys, beauty and sports sections.

It is a good destination to buy tablets and smartphones from brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Elephone, etc.

Shipping and Secure payment of Tanakasan

As usual in this type of website, which copies each other,  accepts payments with Paypal and credit card, and free shipping by standard mail.  With a money-back guarantee, if it does not arrive, 30 days. The delivery time is 7 to 20 days, and also has Express (paid) service with the delivery of 5 to 10 days, and express delivery by UPS.
  • Find out who you are dealing with
  • Anyone (you know good or bad) could create a virtual store under any name.
  • Verify contact information make sure you can ask questions and solve problems.
  • If you are browsing and suddenly you are asked for your financial data online or via email, do not answer the email or click on any link.
  • Companies that legitimately sell online will not ask you for personal or financial information by these means.
We must highlight the product sheets, which contain abundant technical information, photos, videos, and extensive descriptions.

Without a doubt, one of the most reliable Japanese technology stores, with extensive experience in shipping abroad.

In this article, we have compiled the most popular Japanese technology stores online, but there are many others that offer very similar products and services.

You can buy Sony Mobile Online from Japan but you will have to trust the Tanakasan support which is available 24/7 to assist you. Prices are in USD. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them because they have a very similar design. On other occasions, it is the same trade that is divided into different websites. For example, the popular bazaar Tanakasan Shop has an online auction.

As we want to give as wide a view of the online market as possible, we have compiled a quick list with other interesting stores.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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