Refurbish Your Kitchen To Optimize Your Productivity

Kitchen equipment(s) are extremely important if you wish to improve your productivity in the kitchen.

If you are looking to refurbish your kitchen, then you must have a list of essential kitchen equipment that you either want to replace or buy to improve the productivity of your kitchen. You need to understand that every commercial kitchen has its own specific targets and it will need different hotel kitchen equipment for preparing foods. It is difficult to go through the list of every single hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers and their products to finally find out which equipment is best for a kitchen. In this article, we have divided these into three different parts which will cover all the work done in the kitchen.

1). Cooking equipment: It is one of the most essential equipment in a commercial kitchen. The cooking equipment can be further divided into range, commercial oven, flat-top grills, char boiler, overhead boilers, fryers, steamers, and sous vide. All these types of equipment are needed for a variety of cooking preparations like:

The range: This stove or oven allows the cook to prepare simultaneously in a variety  of ways including baking, broiling, roasting, and others.

Commercial ovens: These are widely used for heating, baking, and roasting. A big restaurant or a hotel kitchen is incomplete without a commercial oven.

Top grill: This allows the chef to use a heat source beneath a flat plate to cook food evenly and in very less time.

Chargrill: This allows the cook to prepare meat dishes which gives an appearance and taste of barbecued food

The fryers: As the name suggests, these are used to deep fry food items like fish, doughnuts, and others.

2). Preparation equipment: This food preparation equipment (s) is mainly used to cut, chop, grind or mix different food items before they are finally put on a fryer, oven, or a range. Some of the food preparation equipment is as follows.

Food processor: These are widely used for cutting, chopping, and grinding vegetables before they are mixed with various spices and put over the range, oven, or a deep fryer.

Blenders: It is used for emulsifying. And liquefying the items to make a sauce, soup or even smoothies.

Slicers: These are widely used to cut need, cheese or any other food items into thin, uniform slice which is needed for the presentation part.

3). Dish-washing equipment: After the food is prepared, the food preparation equipment and other containers need to be cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, every kitchen needs a deep sink with a hose for rinsing the dishes and a commercial-grade dish-washing machine.

These are just some of the important kitchen equipment that you need in your commercial kitchen to improve its productivity and thereby making your business profitable.

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