Most Common Types of Automotive Hoses

There are many companies that are engaged in manufacturing different types of hoses that are used in various industrial applications in multiple sectors. Hoses are mainly used for carrying fluids from one location to another. Thus, hoses are mostly flexible tubes, which are also popularly called as pipes. These are available in a cylindrical shape, which also has a circular cross-section. 

Hoses are designed according to their application and performance in consideration. For manufacturing hoses, various factors such as size, pressure rating, weight, length, chemical compatibility are also strictly considered.

Mostly, hoses are manufactured using PVC, polyurethane, nylon, polyethylene, synthetic, and natural rubbers. In addition to this, hoses are manufactured using exceptional grades of polyethylene LDPE, LLDPE, PTFE, stainless steel, so that it can easily resist the pressure. 

Such as in automobiles, automotive hoses are used for carrying automotive fluids or gases from one part of the vehicles to another. Mostly in cars, oxygen, fuel, and coolant are transferred to other operating components. 

For transferring fluids, different kinds of automotive hoses are used. Thus, it is essential to know what each is and how they differ from each other: 

Radiator Hoses

The most commonly used type of automotive hose is Radiator hoses. It is one of the most vital components of a vehicle’s engine cooling system. These hoses are used for cooling the engine by carrying coolant through it, which is also used for absorbing excess heat generated. As these hoses are used for sending heat and mist be able to bear high pressure, these hoses are made up of very tough rubber.

Coolant Hose

In vehicles, there are often numerous small coolant hoses around the engine besides two large radiator hoses. 

Heater Core Hoses

Automobiles also have heater core hoses, which are used for carrying the hot coolant from the engine into the heater core inside the dash. Almost all of the heater core hoses are made of the same thickness using high quality and hardened rubber. 

Hydraulic Hose 

In automobiles, Hydraulic Hoses are used for air brake applications. Mostly in heavy vehicles like trucks, hydraulic hoses are used for air brake applications because they are rated at a much higher pressure than air brake hose. 

The most commonly used hydraulic systems used in most cars are brakes and power steering. These hoses have special compressed fittings to withstand high pressures and are lined with braided steel between the layers. Braided Hydraulic Hoses are very stiff and hard to flex or bend.

Clutch Hoses

Clutch hose is the only flexible line among all the clutch hydraulic system in vehicles. In a car, the clutch hose is used for holding pressure while transporting hydraulic fluid that is displaced when the clutch pedal is depressed. Clutch hoses are very flexible, owing to which it can move in various directions. 

In automobiles, clutch hoses are used transmitting the torque from the engine to enable smooth movement of a vehicle. 

These are some of the automotive hoses which control the functioning of a vehicle. It would help if you always remembered that best quality hoses are built as per the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and are usually identified by make, model, year, and engine size. 

Thus, while replacing automotive hoses of your car, you should be sure to take note of this to find the right oil cooler hose. 

Other than this, it would help if you also double-check the numbers in your old and new hose to match up so that you do not face problems come up during installation. 

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