6 Scrumptious Designer Cakes Swooshing over the Internet

Are you planning to celebrate your mom's birthday, a wedding, or your parent’s 50th anniversary? We know how special these mentioned occasions are and hence it is very important for all of us to make sure that we celebrate them in the best way. Can you name one of the main things about a wedding which attracts people and can become the center of attraction of your celebration? It is a cake for sure and I will suggest all of you to always invest in a nice cake for such milestone events. So, why not add a designer cake to these big celebrations of your life.

Well, if you are planning to add one to the special celebrations, then you can surely look for some exquisite designer cakes. These cakes have been made by the most amazing chefs around the world only for making your celebrations more special. You can surely get the online cake delivery in India of these cakes at your doorstep from some online cake shops. It is because they promise to deliver the cakes in the best condition and that too at good prices.

  • Ruffled Cake
Your love for a ruffled cake will always be more than a ruffle dress, and we are very sure of it. All of you must have heard about the ruffles which can be very much similar to a wavy pattern. It is a very elegant design that can be made by making strips using fondant. Then you can apply pressure onto it using a ball tool to make the edges of this fondant thin and curly. Then stick these strips one over the other using some sugar glue in order to create a ruffle appearance. If not fondant-lover, then you can surely do the same using the buttercream by putting it in a piping bag and petal tip on it.

  • Basketweave Cake
The basketweave cake is a perfect mom’s birthday cake and can surely be added to your mom’s birthday party menu. This cake looks exemplary due to the basketweave pattern on it which is created using the buttercream. The basketweave pattern is all that your mom’s birthday cakes should have and she will surely love it.

  • Damask Cake
Damask Cake is one of its kinds and is made using a stencil that you will find on any online store. This cake does look a bit complicated but it is a very simple cake. It is covered completely with royal icing with the help of an airbrush. Then it is covered with the designs by placing the stencil on it.

  • Drip Cake
This designer cake has caught hold of many eyes on it. Drip cake looks very fascinating and appetizing when seen at first. This frosted cake is covered with a semi sweet white chocolate ganache that is dropped down from the sides of the cake. This cake might sound messy but it looks very beautiful when presented in front of the guests. The bakers usually cover it up with edible pearls, colorful vermicelli, and candies.

  • Swiss Dots
It is a perfect wedding cake as the small swiss dots on the cake resemble the white pearls which usually are on the wedding gowns. These dots are made on the cake using the white buttercream from the piping bag.

  • Scrolls
This artistic cake has a very elegant decorating concept which is quite impressive and looks amazing on a tiered cake.  You only need a piping bag to make a tiny round tip and create small S's and C's all over the cake which is pretty easy to do. Also, these scrolls are ideal for space-filling sugar flowers.

These are some of the mist amazing designer cakes which you can surely have on your special day. You can order any of these for the most special celebration of your life and celebrate with it by the side of your family & friends.

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