Parenting kids with special needs such as ADHD, ASD, LD is difficult enough under normal circumstances. But now, with a lockdown it can seem like a difficult situation.  Therapy sessions being suspended, you may see a rise in behavioural issues stemming from these conditions. Children need outdoor activities for their energy and that is temporarily blocked. Since they can’t spend that excess of energy, they may find it very hard to focus on tasks on their own.

Here are some helpful tips to remember:

According to Dr. R.K. Suri take this opportunity to understand the condition that your child has. The more you learn about it, the better you can understand your child.

Make a routine and stick to it. A feeling of regularization will help you and your child deal with the irregular circumstances.

In your routine, be sure to include different domains of development, such as, physical activity, cognitive, sensorimotor etc.

It is important to make these activities as playful and friendly as possible. Make it a competition to see who wins for example. You can get as creative as you want.

Here are some examples of activities that you can include in your routine.
  1. Physical activities such as simple yoga, jumping in a spot, standing on one leg, walking on a line heel to toe etc.  you can have a competition with your child to see who can do it for longer duration.
  2. Breathing exercises, it can be in the form of bubble blowing, blowing a leaf across the table etc.
  3. Sorting pulses. Mix different kinds of pulses (for e.g., Rajma and Chana) and ask your child to sort them out. Such activities help in developing focus and attention.
  4. Play dough/kinetic sand is another great way to include sensorimotor play. If you don’t have it at home, you can just use Atta (whole wheat flour) dough with some colouring to play with. You can make and teach shapes with it, teach your child to write on it. For children needing help with finger grip and dexterity this is a great exercise.
  5. If your child can read, but still struggles with it, please include reading with them as part of your routine.
  6. Puzzles are again a great way to build their attention and focus.
  7. Plan a treasure hunt inside your house. This activity will need a little bit of planning, write simple clues to lead them to the treasure (a simple reward). This will include almost all the components of development that we talked about and will instill a sense of confidence in the child once they are able to find it. Make a whole day of it.
Please remember, the most important thing you can give your child under these circumstances is time.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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