What Are Different Types of Rhinoplastie Montréal Procedures?

Rhinoplastie Montréal

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States of America & Canada. A rhinoplasty procedure is also called nose surgery. This medical procedure is performed to make changes either inside or exterior shape of the nose. In some circumstances, individuals require surgeries inside passageways as well as the exterior shape of the nose.

This medical procedure is complex in nature, which needs years of surgical experience and proficiency to achieve the exact results. This nose surgical procedure currently made enormous popularity to shape original-looking nose intended for men and women. If you’ve cosmetic or medical needs, Rhinoplastie Montréal must be performed by highly-qualified and experienced surgeons.

What Is A Rhinoplasty?

A complex nose surgery performed to improve its purpose, or change its shape is termed as rhinoplasty. This medical procedure is also called nose reshaping, which will correct issues caused by genetics, or accident. This complex procedure can even address various issues within your nose structure to resolve breathing-related problems.

There’s no such prospect as a perfect nose, although cosmetic surgery can give original shape and enhance self-confidence among individuals. And so, if you are planning for nose reshaping, choosing an expert surgeon who possesses years of experience in rhinoplasty is a vital aspect. 

Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures

In case you are planning with rhinoplasty surgery, whether functional or cosmetic procedure, you need to choose the right plastic surgeon. That’s an integral part of Rhinoplastie Montréal. The ability of your surgeon, who possess years of experience will eventually conclude your nose reshaping results.

The nose is consisting of cartilage, soft tissue, and bones along with a unique three-dimensional shape. A rhinoplasty surgeon requires extreme surgical skills along with sharp eyes to offer each patient with the exact results. If you want, you can also combine other cosmetic surgeries with nose surgery, such as chin or cheek augmentations. 

Open Rhinoplasty vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

An expert surgeon will lift-up the skin of your nose to implement required changes of cartilage and will place your skin back in rhinoplasty procedures. The art of customizing every rhinoplasty happens when the surgeon picks exactly how the cartilage and bones will be changed to attain the exact results. 

That’s important to understand the differences in open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. In nose reshaping, cartilage or bone will be altered, and methods to access structural changes are – open and closed rhinoplasty. During closed rhinoplasty methods, two incisions are made inside the nose and through these incisions, all changes will be made. 

An open rhinoplasty involves the same two incisions along with one additional incision connecting the two around the columella. This additional connecting incision is popular as a trans-columellar incision, which allows opening the skin of the nose. Hence, each nose surgery method has its advantages and disadvantages.  

Let’s explain some important advantages of open and closed rhinoplasty. 

Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty:-

The ability to partially open up the skin of the nose is an open rhinoplasty, which enables the surgeon to check out the anatomy underneath. Here are important reasons why open nose surgery is a most-preferred choice among individuals –

  • This advanced the medical procedure will assist surgeons to examine the anatomy of the nose. 
  • An open rhinoplasty is an exact medical surgery of the nose. 
  • The open approach uses advanced cartilage grafting, which offers ample support and re-structuring of the nose.  

Advantages of Closed Rhinoplasty:-

A closed rhinoplasty is an exact option offered individual who wants the only a minimal amount of nose job done. These are common advantages of closed approach –

  • This medical procedure never causes scars after surgery. 
  • A closed rhinoplastry involves minimum swelling at times of recovery. 
  • This nose job procedure offers short-term results. 
  • Cosmetic Rhinoplastie Montréal Procedures

There are common cosmetic issues which can be improved with the assistance of qualified rhinoplasty surgeon –

  • Reduce Your Nose Size
  • Narrowing the Bridge of Your Nose
  • Nose Straightening
  • Correcting of Your Nose Tip
  • Adjusting Asymmetrical Aspects of Your Nose

If you are considering open or closed rhinoplasty procedures in Montreal, you are recommended to choose the right plastic surgeon with years of experience and can support you to attain the best outcome. 

Let’s hope you can now make the right choice of surgeon and method of rhinoplasty. 

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