Migration labor is not familiar with the new environment they move in or in which they are living temporarily. They are more prone to social and emotional trauma which is emerging from their fear that they will not be accepted by the community. They are also concerned about wellbeing of their families as well. People are forced to move from one place to another in order to earn for their families and sometimes they have to leave their families as well. In many cases of migration labor, the families which are staying apart are partially or entirely dependent on the other earning person. They buy essentials with the money send to them.

When a communicable disease like COVID 19 is spread, the social norms like social distancing or lockdown are imposed. Because of this the migration workers are forced to move back to their native house. During this pandemic, many people were seen moving to reach to their native destinations. Many of them were stuck on the borders whether state, district or regional borders. Migration labor is that class of the society who are the most marginalized section of the society. They earn on a daily basis and spend that earning. In times like this they need sympathy and understanding from the people around them.

Their immediate concerns after the lockdown was food, clothing, shelter, money, healthcare, concern regarding their families and anxiety, fear of getting infected etc. They also got rejections from their local community. Because of which they got negative impact on their mind. This negativity may lead to mental health issues. This literally calls for social protection for these migration workers.

Not only do adults but children’s also faced a lot of issues with COVID 19 pandemic. Children who walked to their house because of a money problems, died in between of their journey to their native houses.

Migration workers who face such havoc situations are usually filled with a lot of anxiety, fear and stress. Those who are away from their families and have no options to reach back are also feeling loneliness, which ultimately makes them depressed. At some places like Chennai, the migrants also protested because they didn’t had adequate food supplies during the second phase of lockdown and they don’t had the money also to buy essential goods.

Best psychologist in India has claimed that migration labor is more easily prone to psychosis, and sometimes their psychosis may also lead to some serious mental health issues like schizophrenia. They were also at a high risk of HIV/AIDS. Migrants also had a very low self-esteem which may lead to psychosis. They have a low self-image. Self-esteem is basically social in nature and results from the disregard from society they are moving in.

The researches which are conducted in India show that people living in the slum area of New Delhi have come from different parts of India, and they are at a higher risk of mental health problems. People are getting irritated and frustrated and due to this they are suffering from relationship issues, addiction issues, anxiety, depression, fear and other mental illness. It is important that these migrant workers get sympathy from us. It is our responsibility not to make them feel left out from society. Whatever help we can do for them will be good in this crisis situation.

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