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If you work in places that require refrigerated storage, then chances are high, that you must know about freezer gloves. Heck, you might even be using a pair! For people who work in freezing temperatures, freezer gloves can keep them warm and comfortable. For people who don't work in freezing temperatures, these gloves can be understood in layman's terms as 'extra-warm winter gloves'. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate winter gloves from freezer gloves. If you want to make sure that you are indeed buying genuine freezer gloves for yourself, look for gloves that ensure warmth, comfort, and safety in sub-zero temperatures.

What makes freezer gloves so important 

People who haven't ever worked in sub-zero temperatures may not appreciate the benefits of these gloves but for people who have to work in sub-zero temperatures, these gloves are very important. These gloves lessen the risk of cold injuries to the body, especially to the body parts which are most vulnerable to cold injuries such as hands and feet. Every workplace has PPE (personal protection equipment) which keeps the workers safe from occupational hazards and other risks at the workplace. Freezer gloves are an indispensable proponent on the PPE in workplaces that have cold and refrigerated storages. With the help of the right kind of freezer gloves, workers can save themselves from freezing fingers, frostbite, skin damage, and frostnip.  

Why do you need freezer gloves

Freezer gloves can save people from a lot of injuries that are common in extremely cold weather conditions. They result in more productivity at the workplace as workers don't suffer from still and numb hands. Without the right freezer gloves, there is a chance of workers losing sensation in their fingers whilst working in extremely cold weather conditions. This might result in them losing their grip, which can prove fatal in many workplaces, especially in the job entails climbing ladders or handling sharp tools. Remaining exposed to harsh winter conditions can cause frostbite, frostnip, freezing fingers and you can save yourself from all of these by buying the right freezer gloves for yourself.

Where are freezer gloves used?

A lot of people who don't work in extremely cold conditions, don't really understand the benefits of freezer gloves. But for people who work in sub-zero temperatures, such gloves are an essential item in their personal protective equipment (PPE). Freezer gloves are used both in indoor and outdoor workplaces. In indoor workplaces, they are used in cold storage facilities and in workplaces that have cold and refrigerated storage.

In outdoor workplaces, they are used in fishing ships and during transporting certain goods in sub-zero temperatures. That's not all, freezer gloves are also very common in laboratories in which cold chemicals are handled. They are also used to store samples at low temperatures in infertility centres. They are used by a lot of professionals in different industries for a wide range of work applications. They are considered to be an indispensable proponent of the PPE for many workers in many workplaces.

Which kind of freezer glove will suit you the best?

To find out the gloves that suit you the best you will have to consider the requirements of your job and the tasks that you need to do while you are on your job. There are two other factors called warmth and dexterity. If the temperature of the freezer is somewhere between 1°C and 5°C then you don't need freezer gloves and can work with chiller gloves, instead. But if the freezers at your workplace are much colder and run between -10°C and -60°C, then you need freezer gloves.

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