How to find genuine manufacturers or wholesalers for iPhone parts?


These are the common advertising lines used to attract clients.

Have you ever thought where these iPhone retailers procure these parts?

Well, these groups of retailers prefer buying from wholesale iPhone parts manufacturers.

What are wholesale manufacturers?

These group of people either:

1.      Manufacture iPhone parts or

2.      Are in collaboration with iPhone parts manufacturers

In short, retailers simply get in touch with these wholesalers, procure iPhone parts, and sell them at a good rate. Nowadays, there are a lot of distributors or intermediaries who earn a good amount of profit by simply sharing and helping the customers find good and genuine iPhone parts.

How to judge a book by its cover

If you have a retail store, and you are in search of some good wholesalers or manufacturers of iPhone parts, read these tips to get a clear-cut idea about how to choose a genuine manufacturer or wholesaler.

1.      Widespread shops

When you come across a wholesale iPhone parts manufacturer, you will notice that they certainly hold a reputation, brand value, and a wide network of shops all over the world.

2.      Mark their rates

Everybody knows that wholesalers offer a discount while providing iPhone parts in bulk. Keep a note of their rates and compare them in the market. Check whether they have standard rates or not.

Let we say – you came across a wholesaler who has high rates in the market compared to the standard ones!

Before purchasing it, make sure you try to find out the reason for such high rates with fewer discounts.

3.      Keep an eye over licenses

iPhone parts are very expensive. While purchasing in a bulky quantity, it is necessarily important for you to check whether the manufacturer or wholesaler who is supplying you is genuine or not. Do they have the license or are these stories just a hoax?

4.      Look for stickers or labels

A genuine wholesaler or the manufacturer shall always mark or label the iPhone parts. Make sure you spot it before acquiring or selling it to your customers.

5.      Online support

In the case, you are an international client and looking for iPhone parts, ensure that the wholesalers or manufacturers provide a good service.

6.      Repair service

Let we say, you are a distributor and you have a defective iPhone part in your bulk products, ensure that the wholesalers or manufacturers offer you the repair services so that you do not have to lose your money. The same thumb rule applies to individual customers as well.

7.      Premium products

Try to keep an eye over the special or premium products of the wholesalers and their rates. You can certainly have good market knowledge while viewing those rates and learn to negotiate with efficiency.

8.      Foreign policy and measures

Whether you are an individual store retailer, you have a chain of retail stores, or you are a sole purchaser of iPhone parts. Ensure that the wholesalers or manufacturers have flexible money return guarantee over their products. Generally, most of the companies have flexible procedures of guarantee claims within thirty to ninety days of purchase. After this period ends, no manufacturer or wholesaler shall entertain any sort of guarantee claims.

Do not forget to check their shipping facilities and rates for the same. Many times wholesalers do not have the facility of shipping worldwide or maybe in some cases, they claim extra shipping charges. Further, if your shipment is lost incase of international transfers, they might not be ready to accept the damage or loss.

Ensure that you make a note of all these policies before purchasing and negotiating for iPhone parts.

9.      Company policy

A good company (whether a wholesaler or manufacturer) shall always maintain their client’s the privacy policy and secures their details, whether it is online or offline.

10.  Collaboration

Most of the wholesalers and manufacturers of iPhone parts offer the privilege of collaboration to both individuals and retailers with a hope that they might reach out to the global customers. You may choose to collaborate with them in case you want to be a part of the supply chain.

11.  Quality products

Mark the quality of iPhone parts and their dates of manufacturing to avoid fake products.

12.  Online frauds

If you have a small scale, business, and you are trying to purchase iPhone parts online to save some money. Make sure you are aware of online fraudulent wholesalers and manufacturers. They might show you something else over the internet, and when you order it, they send you faulty iPhone parts.


Finding a genuine iPhone parts manufacturer or wholesaler is always a challenge. Thanks to the internet and discussion forums, it has certainly, it becomes easier to procure them without much hassle.

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