Office 365 Backup Solutions Comparison and Review

Office 365 is a web application for sending and receiving email messages. Also, the purpose of the Office 365 application is storing data files into various file extensions such as  MSG, EML, and PST. Whereas, the PST record file is considered as one of the main email extensions, upheld by Microsoft Outlook. PST documents are effectively stored as a reinforcement for Outlook files( which are further stored in either external storage media or internal storage media) accordingly. The files that are effectively transferrable as records prove to be convenient. Therefore, these files can be transferred anywhere over the network.

Need to Use the ‘’Office 365 Backup tool’’?
The SysInfoTools Office 365 Backup Tool encourages the user to take the reinforcement of all messages present in the Office 365 profile, on a personal machine. Storing up the messages in edible storage device free up space into the Office 365 mailbox. Later, these mail messages can be exported to a different mail client. The utility offers to convert 0365 emails to .mbox, .pst, .pdf, .msg, .emlx, .mht, etc. file formats. So, taking pre-measures can lower the risk of permanent data loss.

Reasons why Office 365 Backup is Needed?
Unplanned Deletion: If you erase a client, regardless of whether you intended to or not, that cancellation recreates over the network. A reinforcement can reestablish that client, either on Exchange client or Office 365. 
Maintenance Policy Gaps and Confusion: Office 365 maintenance approaches are difficult to keep up with. A backup plan maintains and protects O365 the file for the long term.
Inner Security Threats: Many organizations are encountering dangers from within. Having a higher quality backup utility decreases the risk of basic information being lost or damaged. 
Outer Security Threats: Malware and intruding virus have harmed all-inclusive platforms at least once. A backup utility can protect the data from being manipulated. 
Lawful and Compliance Requirements: Ensuring users to recover mailbox information during legal authorization.

Why choose SysInfoTools Office 365 Backup?
  • Helps taking backup of O365 Mailbox into Outlook PST file format.
  • Store all O365 mailbox items into file formats such as MSG, MHT, MBOX, PST, PDF, EMLX, HTML, EML, etc.
  • Restores Outlook PST into Office 365 profile.
  • Exports Office 365 emails into different webmail clients:
  • Allows renaming the resultant backup files distinct from the original.
  • Creates CSV file including the crucial details of the procedure.
  • No Outlook application needed to save/restore PST files.
  • Intuitive GUI for better credibility.
  • Facilitates email filtering with the help of Date-range feature.
  • Higher compatibility with Windows OS versions up till 2010.
Download link: Download the software from the authorized website of SysInfoTools.

After downloading the utility, you can install it on your system to portably export Office 365 files to various file formats/ mail clients.

Official Procedure:
  • Backup office 365 to another file format
  • Download 0365 backup tool and select the Backup option.
  • Sign in to your Office 365 account using valid credentials..
  • Choose the file format for conversion.
  • Rename using a naming convention.
  • Sort emails using a date-range filter.
  • Wait for the backup process to complete.
  • In the end, get notified by a confirmation message.

Backup Office 365 to Email clients:
  • Open O365 backup utility and select the Backup option.
  • Login to O365 account using valid credentials.
  • Choose the mail client for exportation.
  • Type in the credentials of the mail client you wish to export to.
  • Sort using date- range feature, if necessary. View the progress of the exportation process.
  • Wait till you receive the confirmation text.

Adding PST file to Office 365
  • Open Office 365 backup utility and choose the Restore option.
  • Enter the valid credentials and sign in to your O365 account.
  • Hit Add button to add the PST files for restoration.
  • Choose the Office 365 account in which you wish to port your PST file.
  • Choose a folder which will be next imported from Outlook PST to  0365.
  • After process completion, click Ok on the confirmation notification.

How much does SysInfoTools Office 365 Backup Tool Cost?

Pricing Plans:

Free trial



Demo Version               



Single User Licence 


Single machine installation

Administrator Licence


Multiple machine installation

Technician Licence


Multiple machine installation

Promising attributes:
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Days Moneyback Policy

System Specifications:
  • Processor - Pentium class processor
  • Operating System – Win10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Memory - 512 MB Min
  • Hard Drive - 50 MB

Final Verdict:
The SysInfoTools Office 365 backup tool is all in one software built for saving Office 365 mail messages to PC/alternative storage media, as a backup file. As a well-informed individual, I recommend you to utilize this utility to restore Office 365 files at a safe place. The utility is therefore considered as an authentic, stable, and steady choice to export Office 365 mailbox items.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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