4 Best Underutilized ORM Tools That Marketers Can Select

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Hey, are you worried about your online reputation? Are you tensed figuring out that your brand is ruining its online presence? 

Well, for a marketer, especially an online marketer these things matter a lot. In fact, the ups and downs of online reputation have a great impact on the business going digitally. Hence the need for hiring the incredible services of an online reputation management company.

Online reputation management professionals make use of great ORM tools to build up a strong presence online. They make sure the tools they use work efficiently to make the brand visible on every digital platform. 

Plenty of tools are there. But in this article, we will talk about those underutilized tools that even have the capacity to create a strong online reputation for the brands. Underutilized doesn’t mean they are inefficient. They are equally good but are rarely used by the experts due to the evolution of new tools every year. 

Let’s give them a chance to share their stories. 

4 Best underutilized ORM tools that you can use

1. Reputation.com: Reputation.com is particularly designed for large and high-scale enterprises where it becomes imperative to monitor the heaps of reviews for retaining the brand position online. The tool allows the enterprises to keep an eye on the reviews and manage the online reputation using a comprehensive range of solutions.

Reputation.com is featured with a broad range of services. These include – 

  • Monitoring online reviews on different platforms.
  • Running in-depth surveys.
  • Build customer engagement and allow prospects to make purchase decisions.
  • Identify issues that hamper online reputation.
  • Drive-in positive reviews.
  • Send requests for online reviews on mobile devices and establishing customer interactions.

2. GatherUp: Every marketer loves to have five-star reviews about their brand. Even you want the same, isn’t it?GatherUp gives you the leverage to enjoy the positive reviews with five stars for your brand. 

Five- stars matters a lot for a business. And GatherUp sounds more ethical for this. With this tool, you can gather tons of five-star reviews and eventually, take no time to convert the viewers into potential customers. 

GatherUp builds up customer brand engagement by allowing you to respond to the comments or requesting the customers to add a review for the product or service. You can perform this simply via email or text. 

GatherUp monitors reviews for a month on different review generating platforms like Facebook and BBB. Apart from monitoring and analyzing the reviews, the tool generates Net Promoter Score, survey questions, and customer feedback. It even aware of any new feedback via email. 

3. Reputology: Another tool that you can talk about is Reputology. The tool excels in monitoring and managing online reviews for the brand. You can use this tool to keep an eye on your review section, respond to the comments or feedback, and analyze them. 

Reputology works on several reviews generating platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and other major review channels. It has the ability to track your reviews based on location, products, and services. Local marketers who specifically targeting the local market find this tool appropriate for managing the local reviews. 

Reputology is featured with a dashboard that enables you to view all reviews at one time. Additionally, it even notifies the users about any new reviews through emails and allows them to reply from there itself. Be it the positive reviews or negative comments, the tool knows how to handle them wisely. 

4. The Brand Grader: “How does my brand performing online?” – Is that what you want to know right? The Brand Grader can certainly help you with your needs. 

The Brand Grader is a very convenient tool that allows users to get an overview of the brand performance by going through a report sent by the tool itself. You just need to enter your brand name and share your email account, and the report related to your brand’s online presence will be shared with you.

The quick overview of the report helps you to gain knowledge related to the following.
  • The web influencers, for example, the blogs and news sites, where your brand came into limelight.
  • The top web and social sources where your brand name is mentioned. 
  • Positive and negative mentions received by your brand on different websites, blogs, and forums.
  • Mention locations where your brand name has been recalled.
  • Your follower count on different social media platforms.
  • And the best thing about this tool is, the entire process is absolutely free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single account to access the said information.

The Bottom Line

Other than the top 5 ORM tools like Google Alerts and Social Mention, these aforesaid tools also have the efficiency to serve the purpose. You just have to trust them and keep patience to witness the optimum results. 

So, friends, there is no harm in praising the newly-launched products and using the advanced tools, but that doesn’t mean you simply ignore the old existing ones. Sometimes even the old works better than the new ones. Don’t forget it!

Talk to your online reputation repair agency about this and set up a stable online presence for your brand.

Please comment if you have any issue we will try our best for you..

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