3 Simple Tips & Hacks You Should Know About Fortnite


In the gaming world, Fortnite has made a great impact over the past few years. Ever since its initial release in 2017, the fans of Fortnite game world has only been increasing. This multiplayer game is known for its rich depth and sophisticated game play that attract the gamers of around the world.

You may be hooked with the different game mode versions of Fortnite. Whether it is the Fortnite Item GG Save The World or Fortnite Battle Royale, the standard game play and engine remains the same. But no matter how addicted you are to this game; you may not know about some simple hacks of this game.

Today, we bring you some simple Fortnite hacks and tips that can enhance your gaming performance and can help you survive the battle like a pro. Continue to read till the end to learn more about Fortnite hacks.

1.    You can ride on the Supply Drop Balloons for a surprise kill

Did you know about this cool killing hack? Well, you can take a ride over a supply drop balloon and get a chance to smash your enemies without a surprising entry.

What’s the first instinct when you see a Supply drop balloon? You obviously rush toward it to grab the battle essentials, right? Well, how about taking advantage of that? When your opponent sees something like that and rushes toward the landing zone, you can totally surprise and kill them by taking a ride on one.

All you gotta do is position yourself somewhere high up and hop on to the approaching supply drop balloon. Then land on the zone and slaughter your enemies without mercy.

2.    Search for the concealed Loot Room

This one is a great tip for scoring plenty of items if you are new to this game. Everyone hopes and scavenges for treasures in Fortnite. And there’s a whole lot of treasures that can be found in the gaming ground of Fortnite.

Head over to the Tomato Tunnel to get your hands on them for sure. After you scour the area, you will be able to find a concealed room right behind the car. Get past it and you’ll be able to grab an opportunity for a great loot. Loot comprising an ample number of golden chests.

3.    Save your health while sliding down

In Fortnite, it is pretty easy to get on to high altitude places. However, some gamers face the challenge of losing health while sliding down a mountain. It can be tricky to get down safely without losing your health.

Well, one small tip that can help you deal with this issue is to learn to counter-strafe. This basically means you have to move in the opposite direction while you are getting down or sliding down from a high place.

So, keep in mind to move down right when you are trying to slide down left. This way you’ll be able to stay stable on the mountain without dropping your health levels.


These are a few simple Fortnite hacks that you can apply the next time you are on the battle ground. Whether it is the Fortnite Item GG Save The World or Fortnite Battle Royale, make sure to apply these simple and cool game hacks.

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