How to Create Cool Custom Trading Pins?

Wondering how you can create a cool customized trading pin? Well, considering a few simple factors will help you to design and create some incredible looking trading pins that are great for exchange and collectible items.

Whether you want a just don hockey pin or anything else, these factors are a must to be considered if you want perfectly customized trading pins. The ones which grab the attention of others.

Trading pins are great item collectible items that is usually exchanged among fans during a game or a tournament of any sports. It not only shows your support for a specific team but has an emotional value as well. This may be the reason why customized trading pins are in trend.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some factors that would help you to create cool custom trading pins.

1.    Artwork

The artwork of the pin is one of the main elements that you must think about for creating custom trading pins. This one takes up most of the space on the pin and thus, has to be thoughtful and meaningful.

Now, if you don’t have an idea of your own for what exactly you want on your pin as an artwork then take a look at some other trading pin designs. This will give you some sort of inspiration to get you started on the concept of the artwork.

Some of the most common and popular artworks are the logo of the team you are supporting. You can even opt for an inspirational quote or a motivational tagline with the colors of your team.

2.    Plating

Now you may not think about this one but if you wish to create great looking pins then considering the plating options is a must. After all, the plating will determine the quality of the pins and will wrap up the whole appearance of it.

Before you evaluate your plating options between silver, bronze, gold or any other plating choice, you must for some research about them. See what difference will they bring to your pins.

You can find the valuable info about plating options from online. just dig a little deeper and learn about the various plating options.

3.    Price

Now, this one does not have anything to do with how your custom trading pin looks but it’s definitely worth the consideration. After all, you want your pins to be reasonably valued and not something where you spend the unnecessary price.

Compare the custom trading pin prices and see which one provides you the most suitable price. The key to finding the most budget-friendly custom trading pin company is by analyzing and comparing your options.


So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to initiate thorough research to learn and choose the right options for your custom trading pins. Make sure you take the above-enumerated considerations and then make your choice. Whether you want a just don hockey pin or any other kind of trading pin, this guide will help you out.

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