How to Open PST Data Files without Using Outlook

PST Files are the Outlook data files that come in use for online purposes. They can be viewed through the MS Outlook application and works only with a working internet connection. It makes their use quite obsolete and forces users to find ways to open PST data file without using Outlook in the offline environment.

If you are one such user who is trying to open .pst data file without the help of Outlook, then you are at the right spot. In this blog, we will provide you with all the necessary information and methods to view an Outlook PST file without the MS Outlook application.

MS Outlook is one of the best email services providers nowadays that offer a plethora of services. In addition to the email services, users can take the benefit of features like contacts, journals, calendars, notes, etc. Furthermore, it provides the safe and secure transmission of emails that saves your data from any breach.

Without wasting any time, let us move forward to the methods to open PST data file without using Outlook. But before that, we should get ourselves acquainted with the reasons that compel us to open PST file format of Outlook without Outlook.

Reasons to Open and View PST File without Outlook

There may be different reasons for different individuals for opening PST data file without Outlook based on their priorities. Perhaps, the most common reasons are mentioned below.

  • Outlook PST file can only work when you have a working internet connection. Additionally, you can face a lot of problems with an unstable internet too. You can save yourself from these problems if you know a way to use PST files without Outlook.
  • It works as a backup of your Outlook emails and comes in handy when you do not have access to it. In such events where you lose your Outlook access, you will not have to worry.
  • You can prevent your Outlook emails from virus or malware intrusions by having them saved on your system. All your information can be lost if some mishap happens on the server. So, PST data on your PC without Outlook can prevent your information.

Now, as we have understood, the reasons to open PST data file without using Outlook. Let us go through the methods that will help us to do the same.

How to Open PST Files without Outlook?

  1. Save PST Files in TXT Format
  2. Export Outlook Email as HTML
  3. Store PST file in MSG Format
  4. Convert Outlook Emails to PDF

All the above methods can help you to open PST data files without Outlook. They are described in a stepwise manner so that you can easily perform them.

1. Save PST Files in TXT Format

If you wish to open PST data file without using Outlook, you can save them in the TXT file format and view them offline. Follow the below steps to execute the method.

  • Launch the MS Outlook application on your system and choose the email that you like to convert.
  • Then, select the File button in the menu bar.

Then, select the File button in the menu bar.

  • Now, under the File options, hit the Save As button.

  • After that, in front of the Save As a type drop-down menu, pick Text Only.

  • Press the Save button, and the process is complete.

Your Outlook PST data file will be saved on your PC as a TXT file format.

2. Export Outlook Email as HTML

To open PST data file without using Outlook, you can also export the Outlook email as an HTML file. The below steps will help you in the procedure.

  • Run MS Outlook on your system and select the email that you wish to backup.
  • Now, choose the File button at the top.

  • After that, click on the Save As button under the File options.

  • Then, select the HTML format from the drop-down options and hit on Save.

The method is similar to the first one but will save your Outlook PST files in HTML format.

3. Store PST File in MSG Format

The MSG format can assist you to view and open the Outlook PST files. To convert PST files into MSG, perform the steps written afterward.

  • Launch MS Outlook and click on the email to convert.
  • Then, you only have to drag and drop the picked email to your desktop. It will automatically be saved as an MSG file on your PC.

It is the shortest method to convert the PST files. You can utilize it to open PST data file without using Outlook.

4. Convert Outlook Emails to PDF

To execute this method, first, you need to convert the Outlook PST files to HTML using the second method described above. Then, follow these steps to continue.

  • Locate your HTML file on your PC.
  • Then, Right-click on it and choose the Open With option.
  • Now, pick Microsoft Word from the available applications and press OK.
  • The file will open as a text file in MS Word, hit the File menu and pick Save As.
  • After that, choose the location on your PC where you wish to save your file.
  • At last, change the Save As Type option to PDF and select Save.

By following these steps precisely, your Outlook data file will be converted to PDF format.

All the above methods can assist you to open PST data file without using Outlook. They are all manual methods and pose some or the other limitations. They are very time-consuming as the user has to select only one email at once to open it without Outlook. Moreover, they are not always effective and can create problems for the user in their execution.

To overcome all these limitations, you can go for an expert solution, i.e., PST Viewer. It is the finest tool to open, view, and read the Outlook PST files without the use of Outlook. Additionally, it supports all the versions of the Outlook PST files, so you would not have any problem regarding compatibility. However, if you want to convert Outlook PST files you can opt for Outlook Converter Tool to convert Outlook PST files.


Here, we have briefed about how to open PST data files without using Outlook. All the reasons mentioned make it essential to do the same. The manual methods are capable of opening PST without Outlook but pose some problems. A professional PST File Viewer is the direct method to view the Outlook PST files without the help of MS Outlook. But if you want to convert Outlook PST files on Mac you can use the Mac PST Converter to convert and migrate PST files on Mac machine. Thanks for reading this article.

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