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Trekking is something that challenges you. It is something that allows you to get rid of your standard life and is therefore something that changes you. It makes you feel very alive and well rested. Exploring new personalities and big cities is allowed like traveling. Trekking is what people want when they want to live a vibrant and fleeting life. So may the gentle breath from the Absolute Land caress you, and may the voice of crowing bless your perception, Everyone needs a little adventure in their life. What is important to you is up to you. To witness this feeling, we present you with an amazing Kedartal journey.

Kedartar trek called 'Lake Shiva' is one of the authentic lakes located in Uttarakhand. This pristine glacial lake lies 12 feet above the water level in the Uttarkashi district. Kedar Gorge Lake is the result of melting Kedar ice masses giving rise to a truly important tributary of the Bhagirathi Channel, the Kedar Ganga Channel.


The 18km drive from Gangotri to Kedar Valley is a strenuous one. The Kedartal trip requires a Wonsan touring buff as it has moderately worrisome terrain conditions. A popular trip in Uttarakhand, Qatar is known for its tricky itineraries, but also its heart-stopping scenery of snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, tumbling aqueducts, and waterfalls. No wonder the Kedartal trip is one of the most profitable trips in Uttarakhand.

Due to the different regions, Lucky Bone finds balal (blue sheep), goral, mountain range black bears, and whistles of various kinds on his journey. Kedartal has clear water and is located at the foot of Thalay Sagar Peak and Brigupanth Peak. Reading the reflection of Thalay Sagar Peak in Kedar Valley is truly mesmerizing.

Kedartal's journey is not for everyone. It's a delicate journey. This means you will need a fair amount of fitness to complete your journey. The drive leads to the glacial lake Kedartal. Other trips have terrible mountain views. But no closer than Kedartal's travel bones. These are no small mountains.

The trip itself is wonderful. The trail ascends from Gangotri through lush pine forests and enters the highlands. Camps along the way offer breathtaking views of the large mountains that surround the area. This is one of the many trips where we see blue lambs and barrals all the time. The versatility of the trip, the stunning scenery, and the terrifying mountain landscapes frame a wonderful journey in India.

Kedartal trek time

Summer The precipitation at Kedar Valley Trek is moderate and comfortable throughout the summer months. Take woolen things with you.

Post-monsoon silence and nature during the Kedar Valley trek after a thunderstorm. The area is booming with snowfall during the layoffs, leaving plenty of accommodation options. But during a thunderstorm, you can see the Kedar Valley Trek, which looks like heaven on earth.

How to reach?

You can go to Gangotri by any means of road transportation from Dehradun, Haridwar, and Rishikesh. Gangotri recommends that he complete this 18 km journey in 3 days. However, you can end this trip in two days.


The ride comfort of Kedartal is evaluated as severe difficulty to moderate. It is certainly not interesting for those who travel. This lake is one of the largest cold lakes in Uttarakhand, and you have to pass through difficult areas to reach the lake.

Who can do this hiking?

On this trip, it is necessary to maintain the best health, both physically and mentally. You can continue to build your actual health status through aerobic endurance exercises such as swimming, running, stair jumping, light running tournaments held with custom indoor wellness plans, and sporadic rock climbing in the region. To maintain the highest health status, you need to exercise muscle strength and form.

Where do you start?

Gangotri, the starting point of the trail, and the holy city said to be the source of the Ganges, add to the charm of this trip. During yatra season, the place comes to life, with commercial sectors, sanctuaries, daily artists, and forests teeming with sadhus.

Why visit?

When you embark on your journey to Kedar Tal, expect great excellence from Gangotri in the most effective way. This course is not for beginners, especially if you go in winter. Nonetheless, the mid-year trip is wonderful, with flowers blooming in sufficient numbers on either side of the travel route. Able to keep up with the times and generally welcomes you to the turn. This way, even if the route is intense and steep, you won't get tired. An expanse of the Kedar Ganga, Kedartal has more than enough imaginative assets, but with absolute attention to detail, these are well covered by the God of Nature alone. She preserves priceless legends in her air, greenery, and the peeking snowy peaks of her slopes. To be honest, the snow-covered peaks on all sides look like stars.

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