Buran ghati: everything to know

Buran Ghati Trek is a beautiful pass in Himachal Pradesh in 2022. Buranghatiis a very varied trek and exhilarating path located at 15,000 feet altitude in the heart of Himachal. This amazing hike is perfect as it offers all the adventures, starting with the jungle, sliding down a wall of snow, and abseiling.

So experience changing landscapes, diverse vegetation, spectacular mountain vistas, green forests, and picturesque idyllic villages during your hike.

Buranghatiis a diamond hidden in the hills for its unparalleled adventure and beauty!

On the Buran Ghati Pass Trek, you can see something different every day. The scenery you can see in the Buren Valley is amazing. Here you can have a different experience at each campsite.

A special destination for this trek is Lake Chandranathan, a beautiful lake in the middle of two hills. The altitude of approximately 4,260 m (13,980 ft) above sea level

Another feature of this trek is that it starts from Junglik village and ends at Barua Roadhead. Because of this, nowhere on this hike will feel the same and you will wake up differently every day.

Overview – Jungle Village of Blangati Trek

Junglik Base Camp is a beautiful little village at an altitude of 2804 meters. There are some homestays with small shops and unique wooden houses made of deodorant wood.

Most can be found at Junglik, the main base camp of the BuranghatiPath trek. Start your trek from here.

When is the best time to do the BuranghatiPath Trek? The Blangati Path Trek is perfect for those who have a great passion for climbing and consider it a special purpose in their life.

The best season for BuranghatiPath trekking is from May 5th to October last year. You can spend it comfortably. Safe. No problem here.

You can see a lot of scenery on the hike, snow in May and he in June, as well as a lot of green like a mini Switzerland. This makes the trek very memorable and a bit more difficult. Therefore, this hike should not be considered too easy.

How difficult is the BuranghatiPath Trek?

The BuranghatiPath trek is moderate. This trek has moderate and difficult levels. I have done this trek together from time to time. Our team helped us out.

The trek from Blangati Pass to Base Camp is fairly easy, but after that, it gets a little more difficult. Pass uphill from the base camp and complete the downhill trek past the peak of Brangati.

But if your fitness is good and you keep in mind that I want to do some trekking, you absolutely can do it. Help. You just need to be strong and able to trek. One thing is that you can only have courage and that I am passionate.

Is my Buranghatipassport safe?

Yes Yes, Blangati Path trek is a safe trek. If you're going with a good trekking team, you should know before booking on your own. It is important to know if the archery trekking group we go with is the right one.

If possible, trek with a local trekking organization. They can always provide the same support. Your hike will be very good and unforgettable

The minimum age of Brangatipas is 14 years old and the maximum age is 55 years old. The rest depends on your fitness.

The charm of Brangati

  • Dayara Meadows

Dayara Meadows is one of my favorite sections. Surely trekkers would agree. It can be first seen from a high ledge as it emerges from a dense coniferous forest. You can see a vast plateau that has been cut into the mountainside in front of you. One side is grassy and climbs the hillside, while the other side descends cliffs and cascades down into a canyon. Between them is a large green track on which horses can gallop.

I couldn't believe that I could camp in such a beautiful setting. It was also the first day. Dayala meadows are my first choice compared to other great trekking meadows.

  • Buranghati Wall and Snow Slide

The hike is extremely challenging and can go up to 15,000 feet. Rappelling from the other side of Buranghatiand reaching the top of Buranghatiis an incredible thrill.

The BuranghatiWall is now well known. Must be the highest rappelling point in the world! Buranghatiis a great adventure as you can slide down several snow slides. This adventure is a must for hikers. Bran Gati is also high on my adventure list.

  • Junglik Village of Balua

It is amazing to be able to slowly observe the culture from reaching the village above the village to reaching the bottom of the village about 300 meters below. Pay attention to buildings, people, and especially temples. There are many fruit trees. 4. Lysom Campground

Lysom tied me up. This campsite was at the confluence of two valleys. Litham was the perfect place to sit and enjoy the views of both valleys, with the towering waterfalls of Chandranathan Snout a perfect sight to behold. Many people talk about Lupine Falls, which they found on their Lupine Pass hike. This one is just as spectacular.

  • Lake Chandranathan

I think the detour to Lake Chandranathan is underrated. Felt more comfortable than crossing the Brangati. Once you reach the mouth of Chandranathan Waterfall, you will travel to the high mountain area. The valley is narrow, high, and snow-capped. All around you are snow-capped mountains. The Pavar River can still be seen today.

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