NANDI HILL CAMPING : Location and its specialty

The first SAARC summit was hosted by India in 1986 in Nandi Hill. Nandi Hill has an exact location as per google maps i.e. Chikkaballapur Taluk, Kolar District, Bangalore Karnataka state, India. This hill is near Nandi town. Rivers like Arkavathy, Ponnaiyar, Palar, Papagni, and Penna. Sunrise at Nandi Hill shows the captivating scene of nature, 60km away from Bangalore, spending leisure time by walking for around 1-2 hours or 2-3 hours based on opinions of tourists.

What is camping?

Camping is an outdoor activity far from urban areas in some beautiful places in the natural surroundings, even at night in protected shelters under tents. It can be a great escape from busy and hectic schedules. Tent camping is the most known form of camping but other camping forms also exist like- Backpacking, RV camping, and front-country camping. Camping as an activity is a really interesting and awakening activity with blooming and delighting changes for some days and nights of relaxation. Tipu’s Drop and Nandeeshwara Temple can be considered amazing places to visit. Tipu’s Drop is the place where prisoners condemned to death were pushed down the valley, with big water pools and rectangular stone laid structures to store water. Nandeshwar Temple can be considered a most relaxing place as it is considered one of the oldest temples in the region, the storehouse of ancient architecture, and peaceful idols and sculptures on the walls.

Requirements during camping

Basic requirements during camping include a tent, sleeping bags, first aid kit, sunscreen, lamp, torch, portable stove, and electric battery. Tourist passes to some places are also mandatory. Weather conditions can also affect the trip and view, to follow this for a trip knowledge about weather conditions is a must. The average maximum temperature in Nandi hills is 31 degrees Celcius. Annual rainfall is considered 1293mm on average January and march show apt climatic conditions. September- February can be considered an ideal time to visit the place. This place might have some reference to the Hindu mythology of Mahadev’s Vahan Nandi: the bull.

Basic problems that can be faced are:

unpredictable weather changes, board signs of animals around can also create some issues of stealing of food. Sometimes fixing a tent can be an issue even members in the tent can also be more than the space available in the tent. Sometimes people around you can be hyperactive and noisy, be in close contact with the complete group whenever hiking/ trekking. Lighters can be much more helpful than matchsticks as they can be wet and hard to use at some point in time if the situation worsens. Some skin diseases or even some insects and small animals can also affect your health so be ready with your first-aid box along with the specialized medications.

Nandi Hill Camping

Sometimes it is impossible to describe the beauty of any place even if you have visited that place, some feelings are just to enjoy and feel along with achieving a few life experiences and memories to look back. Visiting  Nandi Hill is the same feeling and thought one can ever adsorb into one's life. Relaxing is natural; cycling can be considered an activity liked by most and done by many tourists as the terrain region supports the activity and also shows light towards the healthy and positive living spirit. There are some camping spots with camps and cottages available for tourists. As per google searches, the top three camping spots like Aura Camping, White Wood, Camp Hill, and many other spots based on personal reach can be approached and booked. Not only cycling but also paragliding, biking, and trekking activities can be performed as per the willingness of the tourists. There are no issues with any kinds of vehicles as all kinds of vehicles are allowed and accepted. The road route is favorable and well maintained.

Based on the latest updates tourist passes are a must and have to be issued by district authorities. And the weakened visits are also possible because Sundays are no more included on closing days this is because of the Chikkabalapur district authorities' approach. It is a great picnic spot for the localities i.e. near people. 


A trip to Nandi Hill can be an eye-pleasing as well as a mind-pleasing treat for you. Visit such a place that is rich in diversity but exhaling in the pure form of activities and fun. You can find yourself and yourselves in a stage of mental peace can find you in a relaxing stage for some time. Basic requirements, a few issues, a few major liked places, and some average weather conditions along with the skillful activities make it a pack of the full planned trip if you like to visit someday. It is no less than a picnic spot for the localities mentioned above. Beauty is pleasure and pleasure beauty is identifiable here.     

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